Palm Centro

  1. Very excited...I am getting the Palm Centro. It should be here in a few days. This will be the first PDA/smartphone I have ever owned. I have been thinking about getting a PDA for some time and this seems like a good fit for me. It's small (a plus for me) and it has most of the features that I wanted. Yes, I'm getting the red one (I'm a sucker for red).

    P.S. FYI I am an existing Sprint customer with several months to go on my contract. The $99 price is only for new Sprint customers, but I did not have to pay the $399 quoted on the website. I did have to pay more than $99 but it was much less than $399! It is possible to negotiate.
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  3. by   Heloisea3

    I want to get a pda, and I can't decide which kind to get. How do you like your Palm Centro? Does it have enough memory for everything you need? Is it fairly easy to use? I was just wondering if you could tell me more about it and how you are liking yours. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. by   Born2bRN

    I was going to get the Palm Centro on Sat., but I decided to get the Treo i755 instead. My husband wasn't too happy about it, but I told him that I could download all my meds on it. I can't wait, I get my phone tomorrow.