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  1. 'evening Folks -

    Soon 2 Be New BSN Grad here (Dec 06). I've got aspirations of critical care and recently just accepted a job in a 21 bed cardiac set down unit.

    Bought myself a Palm Lifedrive (used on Ebay for <225 :spin and a Master Cardiology from Littmann ( is great:spin to help make sure I've got some great tools to aid me in providing the absolute best care I can for my pts and their families....

    Now I have a dilema though. I've heard the Epocrates essentials is great softward, but has also heard good things about the Nursing Central softward from Palm (davis drug guide, Taber's dictionary, medline, etc...)

    Does anyone have any input on Palm based software to help in such a situation...

    PS - I'm not a new grad wanting to do Crit Care only to move into a CRNA program (No desire to basically kill someone while the surgeons cut them, but ensuring that we can later wake them up again... Really not my bag)

    I spent 1.5 years as a Tech in a local ICU, and 1 year as a nurse extern on a surgical floor. Got sick of running my tail off with 4-6 pts and not knowing "everything" thats happening w/ my pts. Love the Intensity, the teamwork, and the intimacy of nurse/pt/family relationships one will find in critical care...

    Thanks for the insight to this rookie...

    Jay M. Schroeder, SN
    UW Oshkosh Dec 2006
    Sigma Theta Tau - Eta Pi
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    Here is a link to more info:
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    Post moved to PDAs and Nursing Forum for more responses. Good luck, Jay. (I would tell you about my PDA's toys, but I work NICU and I don't think it would help you.)
  5. by   gradRN2007
    skyscape is a good palm program, i love that i can link from one to another
    just looked at the palm treo phone because i want to combine the 2,