OMG! LifeDrive for Xmas!

  1. I'm now the pleased, slightly confused owner of a new LifeDrive PDA, thanks to my husband, alias Santa Claus.

    However, I still haven't put any money into nursing applications because I'm not quite sure how well they'll work for me.

    Any suggestions for Cardiac nursing? The free download I got for ACLS was from 2002!

    Now I have to figure out how to get that outta there.

    I found one that looks worthwhile. It's a constellation offering called "Nursing Central".

    I'd love to have some more information about how it's working for those of you who've tried it.
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  3. by   Nemhain
    Congrats on the new PDA!!! I know that Unbound Medicine and Skyscape both have good program packages for nurses. I have also come across applications specifically for Cardiac Nurses on the websites of both of the aforementioned companies. You've got tons of space on that Lifedrive, so happy downloading!!!
  4. by   CRNAhopefulguy
    you'll enjoy it, i bought myself a lifedrive a month ago. haven't had much use of it. though i bought the program "pocket-dvd studio for palm" which you can buy from and it allows you to burn any dvds that you "d/l" oops, i meant legally buy and burn onto your palm into a condensed form which plays very well. i burned straight off of a dvd and it takes about an hour to do, but compresses well and theirs plenty of memory and u can easily fit like 5 movies on their for when ur bored or for entertaining children. i also put some tunes on their, it works well to bring around your term papers you gotta write and being able to use it as a flash drive if u bring the cord and being able to transfer it from your pda to any computer with a usb port, which almost every computer has now. the wifi works great and picks up well if u scan, works well in my house since i have a wireless network and also at your school library, because many are equipped with it now. program wise other then pocket dvd, i got the free epocrates which is decent for just a short drug guide. the lifedrive will do anything, so im sure u'll enjoy it. you can go to walmart and get 99 cent ear buds, which i did and they work just fine and i dont mind losing them cuz hey, there only a dollar lol.

    do however get the update because your lifedrive will crash if u dont, especially when u are using different programs at once or if u are click happy. visit this site to get the update and follow directions... this applys to all lifedrive owners.