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Since the Palm® Pre™ (the much touted iphone killer) is now available on Sprint network we need a place to post nursing related impressions, apps, etc. for this phone/pda. There are many wonderful... Read More

  1. by   keithjones
    I'm currently looking at getting an android based phone instead of the PRE. Since WebOS, the PRE Operating System, is only used on 2 phones on a single carrier the development base just isn't there and probably never will be. Sad really as from what I've heard the PRE is snappier and smoother than the android based phones and the way it merges e-mail accounts, calenders, Instant messaging, etc. is unrivaled.

    Palm thought it could replicate Apple's success with the Iphone by following the same model. The problem is that apple invented a new category of phone and as apple had no serious competition for nearly 2 years app development thrived. Android will succeed where WebOS failed as the operating system is available on several phones from several companies spread across multiple carriers. (think Windows vs Mac, windows became a dominant force by being available on hardware from anyone that wanted to build a PC, MacOS ran on hardware made only by Apple). Also Android has given open access to developers from day one to build apps and improve the OS, The Software Develomenet Kit (SDK) for WebOS wasn't available to the public until well after the PRE was launched.

    Another problem for the PRE seems to be that developers that have software that ran on PalmOS seem content that their sometimes years old software will run on the Pre using the Classic interface. So your top of the line touchscreen smartphone is stuck using antique interface. Kind of like running a windows 3.1 emulator on your brand new Windows 7 machine. And you cant blame them really... would you port your software to a phone/OS available only to sprint customers or make it available for an OS that anyone can use?

    I have already found several free and Fee based nursing apps for Android and no native WebOS nursing apps (you have to run old ones on Classic interface).

    Since I am a sprint customer I have decided to go with the Samsung Moment ( I like having a full sized QWERTY keyboard). The Hero is excellent touch screen only version for Sprint and the Droid, and Droid Eris, etc are all equally as nice for Verizon.
  2. by   EllieMac
    My dh and I both have the verizon palm pre plus. No problems and same great phone reception. The pda is fast. Not a great amount of software - dependents on wht you are looking for. Epocrates has a webos software that I just downloaded. The skyscape needs to run in classic mode but a rep from the company is checking on a webos update?
  3. by   2011 graduate
    First of all I wanted to thank Keith for starting this thread. It helped me a lot last summer to make my decision about buying the pre when little was known about it. I purchased a palm pre last Summer. I have been quite busy with nursing school but the palm pre now has two medical applications that you can try for free. One of course is the Epocrates free drug program. There is also one called PIPID that has excellent credentials and is similar to nursing central with many programs that work within the main program. Mine has Stedmans dictionary, DDX generator, LAB stuff, meds and a ton of content related to different dx and what to look for. Also has IV drip rates and calculators where you just punch in the numbers and it does everything for you. I've had the app for 3 weeks now and I'm using it all the time and getting used to the program. I have compared the material to what's in my texts and it seems to be right on the money. So, if you are looking for medical software FINALLY there is some available.

    from the website:PEPID RN Student Platinum includes specialized content in addition to a comprehensive professional nursing database. PEPID RN Student includes nursing communication and documentation essentials, scope-of-practice overview and a complete NANDA-I reference with nursing diagnosis wizard cross referencing NNN taxonomy.

    More than 2,300 diseases and disorders contain:

    1. Pathophysiology
    2. Disposition
    3. Nursing Diagnoses
    1. Diagnosis
    2. Nursing Considerations
    1. Treatment
    2. Patient Teaching
    Drug Database
    Instantly access drug information on 7,500 drug names, including U.S. and Canadian trade names, generics, OTCs, herbals and supplements. Our drug information includes:

    1. Adult Dosing
    2. Indications
    3. Kinetics and Dynamics
    4. Trade Names
    1. Pediatric Dosing
    2. Nutrition
    3. Pregnancy and Lactation
    4. Cost Info
    1. Contraindications
    2. Adverse Drug Reactions
    3. Interactions
    4. Other Info
    Symptom Checker
    Our symptom checker allows you to generate a weighted list of potential diagnoses by inputting a patient's gender, age, symptoms and symptom severity. The results are organized by likelihood of occurrence based on the selected factors.

    Drug Interactions Generator
    The powerful drug interactions generator allows you to check for potential interactions between drug-drug, drug-herbal and drug-nutrient combinations. Our drug interactions generator provides severity ratings and an explanation of mechanisms for each potential interaction.

    IV Compatibility Tool
    Quickly compare compatibility of medications in Y-site, syringe and additives with our IV compatibility tool. The IV compatibility tool allows you to check drug-solution and drug-drug-solution combinations prior to mixing in clinical situations.

    Evidence-Based Medicine
    Integrated evidence-based inquiries give you what you need to know to integrate the latest research into practice-the most recent, practice-relevant studies; how to appraise them; and how to apply them.

    Dosing and Medical Calculators
    Increase accuracy and patient safety with PEPID's dosing and medical calculators.
    Dosing Calculators
    More than 3,000 weight-based and IV drip-rate dosing calculators are linked directly to drug information-pre-populated, integrated and drug specific to promote medication safety.
    Medical Calculators

    More than 400 medical calculators, equations and scores including:
    1. Body Surface Area
    2. NIH Stroke Scale
    1. Glasgow Coma Scale
    2. Port Analysis
    1. Total Calcium
    2. Much more!
    Our 750+ illustrations enhance content and are a great tool for patient education. Illustrations include:

    1. Clinical Anatomy
    2. Environmental
    1. Rhythm Strips
    2. Toxicology
    1. Procedures
    2. Disease and Disorder Images
    Laboratory Manual
    PEPID's lab tests provide access to:

    1. Critical Values
    2. Interpretation High
    3. Links to Equations
    1. Description
    2. Interpretation Low
    3. Physiology
    1. Normal Ranges
    2. Links to Related Tests
    3. Tech Info
  4. by   jive shaman
    I ended up getting a motorola droid it's a pretty badasss phone I just gotta find software for the android OS.

    anybody else got an android phone?
  5. by   TerpGal02
    Quote from jive shaman
    I ended up getting a motorola droid it's a pretty badasss phone I just gotta find software for the android OS.

    anybody else got an android phone?
    Yup, I have the Droid too. LOVE IT! The nursing apps are out there. Check out Android Market. They have the apps from epocrates, skyscape, and unbound medicine available.