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  1. Hello fellow nursing nursing school made an option for their nursing students to pay and download this program called skyscape which included serval apps we need for nursing school. Its optional because there are free versions of those apps but I cannot seem to be able to locate them.

    So here is where you guys come into play. I'm asking you all if you have any info or names of apps I can download to my phone for free (tmobile andriod market) that will be great. The following apps are what I need:

    1. Drug rx guide
    2. Disease and disorder manual
    3. Lab manual
    4. Medical dictionary
    5. Medical calculator

    I'm trying my hardest to find these apps for free but I'm getting the feeling ima have to pay for the package. Thanks a bunch for your help
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  3. by   justchill
    I believe you do it through Skyscape itself. Go into the Skyscape app and there on the bottom press tools then try downloading the free resources if available
  4. by   Tinkx RN
    Thanks so much...I will try that and reply back with the results...
  5. by   Tinkx RN
    Success it wokrked...but it didn't give every app I was looking for so I'm still lookin for some but hey at least I got some the ones I need, can't complain about that! Thanks again
  6. by   ImKosher
    You can actually purchase the resources you are requesting through skyscape. Like Davis's Drug guide and such.
  7. by   Tinkx RN
    Yea I know but I'm trying to get them for free because I'm buying so much other things tryin to prepare for school. Thanks for your help though...
  8. by   justchill
    I doubt you'll get them for free since Davis Drug Guide was expensive. My school gave us the iPod and bought the apps as part of our tutition and we loaded them on with serial numbers the first day. I honestly don't think it helped much. We always got grief with using them at the hospital so many of us stopped. I suggest an actual hard copy of a drug book.
  9. by   Tinkx RN
    I do have some apps I downloaded for free but I'm going to just ask my fellow students when I go get fitted for my uniform Tuesday. Thanks for ur help and I'll post back if I get good answers...
  10. by   tamadrummer
    Just chill is right. Most hospitals will ask you to leave if you are caught using your phone/iPod on the floor. I always just brought my backpack with my nursing diagnosis book, drug guide, lab book, and merck manual. Yeah that's a lot of books but everyone was happy when they needed one lol. In the first 4 quarters I brought my skills books too. They were refreshers for skills check off.

    Apps, micromedix is awesome! Skyscape is awesome. Has labs, drugs, clinical reference materials. There are tons and tons of free apps. Also download and practice nclex question apps. The sooner you begin getting familiar with them the better you will be at testing in general.
  11. by   Tinkx RN
    I wouldn't even have known there were apps if my school didn't ask for them and my school is the hospital were I'm going to be doin my nursing program at so I hope they don't ask me to leave if they the ones who ask for them cause that would be really backwards and a waist of my time and energy! But that also gives me hope that if I don't need them so I don't have to stress over it! Lol thanks for your help
  12. by   tamadrummer
    I was not affiliated with the hospitals we did our clinicals I not was my school so phones are a big no no.

    Largo regional medical center is the most strict around us and all childrens was the least strict. All children's told us to leave our books at home and bring our phone/apps. That was the only place that allowed phones out during clinicals my entire 2 years.
  13. by   Tinkx RN
    Wow...I could understand it would probably be easier with the app as far as the speed in looking up things but I personally rather good ole books. Only because phone and other electronics are as good as their batteries and the time ur doin clinicals my phone is def gonna die! So hopefully they don't really want us to live by those apps especially since the reaction to apps on this threats aren't very good ones. O_0
  14. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Micromedix is a good free drug app. If you are using an iPhone or iPod touch you can search medical apps that are free. There are even free (light versions) of NCLEX question apps. There is a free version of Davis but it's not all the drugs. Many of the reference books will give you access to the mobile version if you purchase the book new (download code inside) only caveat is that if you download through Skyscape the access is limited to a year before you need to repurchase.

    There is also Nursing Central that you will have access to the app as long as it is installed on your device but it will only update while you have a paid subscription. Some information doesn't really change while other information (such as medication indications, uses, and availability)

    You can also get Medscape for free. epocrates has a free version that is medical news and drugs, plus many of the pediatric drugs have a built in dose calculator with the reference information on the page (such as recommended dose is 10-15mg/kg for ages 2-10, available 100mg/5mL, 250mg/5mL, etc.) I've used that more than once.

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