Nursing Central or Epocrates

  1. Hi all,

    Looking for a good app to have on my smartphone to use for references. I was wondering what folks opinion was on nursing central and Epocrates plus. Looking for an easy to navigate drug guide, lab value reference and patho physiology reference. Both of these apps offer the main things that I am looking for just need to decide which one would be worth biting the bullet on for a yearly subscription. New LPN and first job is in a sub-acute rehab facility with some long term residents.

    For any that have used the paid subscription of either app, what did you like about the app or found to be helpful? What are the things that you did not like about the app? Also would there be another app that you might recommend other than these two?

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  3. by   CraigB-RN
    The biggest issue with Epocrates is it doesn't have good information on implementation. As nurses we need all the inforation we can get about administration and what to expect from a medication, not just it's classification and dosing.
  4. by   Yosemite, RN
    I use Medscape and Epocrates.