Microphone for Laptop to Record Lectures

  1. Now that I'm getting my new laptop, I want to buy a microphone so I can record lectures directly to the PC's hard drive. Can anyone give me any suggestions? I'm thinking I need unidirectional so it will focus on the front of the room but I'm not having any luck finding much info online. Everything seems to be extremely cheap or extremely expensive.
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  3. by   mcubed45
    you might be better off buying a digital voice recorder. then you can just leave it up front near the instructor. most just use a usb cable or have a usb plug built in. just drag and drop the audio file onto your computer when it's done. it's a much more elegant solution that finding a mic appropriate for lectures and then finding audio recording software that meets your needs.
  4. by   beejaycee
    Thanks for the reply and you might be correct. And I'll grant you your suggestion is simpler, but it is not more elegant than using my nifty new tablet PC with audio clips that correspond to the notes. That is why I'm looking for an acceptable microphone.