Maybe a little bit of help over here..!

  1. I was trying to read this forum and figure this PDA stuff out and it honestly gave me headache trying to decipher what the heck everyone was saying.!!:smackingf I guess my question is, What is a good PDA to get(for a beginner). I want to be able to get a good drug guide and a medical dictionary onto it. What programs do you recommend for a first time Rn student and where to get them?

    I know these questions have been asked before but theres so much information on here that I am totally confused..:trout:

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  3. by   Tabbycoley
    tungsten 200$ ,nursing blundle from scyscaspe 150$ includes davis drug guide.tabers dictionary, tabers test and diagnostics and nursing intervention) good start easy to install. user frendly.
  4. by   RANCH GIRL
    I got the Palm TX, and I also a got a package from Skyscape which I highly recommend. They have excellent customer service.

    The software package I purchased included: Mosby's Lab7, Saunders07, and Tabers20. Then I purchased RN notes later as well. Go to their website: If you purchase a "package" you'll receive a 20% discount. Be careful about loading free software and/or trial software from other companies, however, as some of my classmates have done this and then they've had problems with their PDA.