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I've posted this on the infomatics board but am looking for more feedback. I've been offered a beta test of medical reference for PDAs by a major publisher. I'd love to work with them on it, but I... Read More

  1. by   explorer
    Quote from kiyasmom
    I am new to the PDA market myself, my pda just arrived today, but I have a Sony Clie SJ22. It is a high resolution color, excellent size. I read a lot of threads and it seems Sony is one of the preferred models in healthcare, unless you go Pocket PC, which is somewhat of a different animal. Sony Clie sells for under $150, and you can get one even cheaper on Ebay. Mine was $47 with S&H and it was brand new in box. Clie SJ22s are 16 MB, 33MHz, with infinite expandable memory with the Sony (or third party) memory stick. A lot of PDAs now have mp3 players and digital cameras, (Pocket PCs come standard with Media Player), but this particular model doesn't have either. It's basic enough for novices, yet sophistacated enough for business, class, or clinical settings. I did a search on these boards for "Palm Pilot" and I found a thread with many, many wonderful sites for downloading medical and non-medical softwares in the form of shareware, freeware, and demos.
    What is the Link.
  2. by   Ruby Vee
    The Palm OS has more software available for download, much of it free. Color screens are wonderful -- it makes everything so much more clear and easy to read. The newer Palms have an SD slot for using a memory card -- so much more room to store documents, pictures, applications, etc. I use mine constantly. I use the datebook and address book, have family pictures on it, use the calculator. I use Docs 2 Go to store some of the relevant hospital policies/procedures and have games in case I'm stuck waiting in line somewhere or in traffic. My To Do list gets a lot of use, too. I can't imagine how I ever got along without it!
  3. by   nursemike
    I'm pretty happy with my Palm Tungsten E, but I wouldn't say it has paid for itself in the few months I've had it. I bought a 128 MB expansion card, which is more than I need, but only cost a little more than the 64 MB, and less than twice as much as a 32 MB. It's a wonderful toy, and I've gotten some use out of Taber's, the Davis Drug Guide, and Archimedes. RN Dx_Int and RN Fast Facts haven't been as useful as I had hoped, but I'm still learning how to use it.
    A lot of programs are available on a trial basis for free--it gives you an idea whether you'll use them enough to buy them. In the long run, I think the drug guide alone will justify the purchase.
    As soon as I get some free time, I'm going to learn how to use the calender, address book, and to do list features.
    All things considered, I say if you can comfortably afford to spend 200-300 dollars on a PDA and software, it isn't a bad investment, but I wouldn't recommend straining your budget to have one, and I wouldn't expect much from the very cheapest ones, other than maybe as an organizer.
  4. by   CA CoCoRN
    Nursemike!!! my goodness, in my opinion, you're not getting half the use out of your Palm as you can.
    I would be LOST without my Palm, at this point. Everything from every number I know to addresses, to my work schedule, appointments, EVERY DARN THING!!!

    I did NOT like Palm's Datebook program AT ALL!! I graduated to the palm (I have the Zire 71) from Handspring Visor. Visor had an upgrade to the datebook that Palm offers (it was free on the Visor) called Datebk 3. Now there is a Datebk 5. It's SO MARVELOUS I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH!!!) When my Zire didn't come with the program, I scoured the net to find the program...and I did....I even downloaded the ICONS that you can assign to events in your day to make your Palm even more "at-a-glance". There are different calendar views,, preplanning events....even programs you can download to automatically enter the holidays on your palm.

    Just the other day, I got a new program that helps to organize all the usernames and passwords I have in my life. My head has begun swimming from all the codes I have to enter...from banking to PC to work. This new program keeps my passwords safely locked in my palm so I only have to actually remember one number.

    for all kinds of programs to go with and into your Palm OS, www.palmgear.com is a good place to start. That's where I got the datebk 5 program!!
  5. by   madamewalker
    Palm acquired Handspring? Where have I been ...

    When the time comes, I can really see myself with the Tungsten C or the Treo 600 for the integrated keyboard alone. My former Handspring that I don't even touch anymore drove me nuts with the stylus and screen and getting it recognize you're trying to write an 'm', not an 'n', etc. ...
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    [GROAN] Okay, someone who shall remain nameless, just went into Search, and bumped ALL the old threads on PDA's! I have JUST finished merging them all, and am going to ask Brian for permission to sticky this thread.

    Anyone starting a new thread on this topic shall be hung up by their toes overnight in the hospital morgue!


  7. by   nowplayingEDRN
    I have a Dell Axim X3 and I love it. It has cut down on the number of reference books I use and carry in the ED because I have the ability to have several reference books compacted into one device. Dell offers discounts to healthcare workers. It runs a Pocket PC as opposed to Palm and yes, there are more programs for palm. But I like the Pocket PC set up. I currently have a free version of Tarscon as well as ePocrates, ED Suite5.0 and a free EMS program with Archimedes. My next couple of investments will be in Tabers as well as a nursing drug reference. I love it and would be lost with out it now. I guess it is a matter of preference and what fits a person's pocket book. I purchased a good sized memory as well as a memory card because of wanting to use it for reference material as well as a paperless organizer. I also purchased a hard case for transporting between home and work as I am notorious for crushing things in my work bag and banging things around
  8. by   mollymil
    I have a Sony Clie sj22 and love it. It is an older model but great, none the less. Look for all of Sony's Clies to start dropping in price because they are discontinuing the line in the US.
  9. by   ryguy77
    Tungsten T3 is a very nice one, with everything you would ever need for work/play...
  10. by   Shellieh
    and Ilove it! It has 16mg of internal memory, and I have a 128mg memory stick. I bought it off ebay for 100.00, but retails for about 200.00 and up. the stick is about 50.00 on top of that. I have er/icu med loaded, along with cardic med, and epocrates. Then of coarse my games, organizer, addy book. get on e-bay, they have some great deals!
  11. by   El Tomaso
    Quote from V SPN
    I've posted this on the infomatics board but am looking for more feedback.

    I've been offered a beta test of medical reference for PDAs by a major publisher. I'd love to work with them on it, but I need to aquire an actual PDA first.

    Which unit are nurses ACTUALLY using? I know the Palm units have the major market share, but I read good things about the Handera units.

    Any advice on brand, megs, memory, speed, price, etc. from actual working nurses using these things everyday would be appreciated.


    Last winter, I researched PDA's and decided upon a Sony Clie SJ20, which I bought on EBay. According to an article in a 2003 issue of Consumer Reports, The SJ20 is a good choice for someone who wants to use a PDA for storing text references, etc. My Sony rechargeable battery goes about 30 hours between charges and, because of the memory stick slot on my Sony, I can store virtually as much reference data...or any data for that matter...as I could want.

    I'm in my last year of an FNP program and find the references that I have stored on my PDA very convenient in my clinicals. It is also very helpful to me when I'm at my real job in the hospital.

    The Sony SJ20 has a monochrome screen. This is why it goes so long between battery recharges. If you want a color screen, there are many Sony Clie models with color screens, but be aware that a PDA with a color screen will allow a much shorter time between recharges.
  12. by   presC.
    Quote from delirium
    I have exactly the same PDA, a handspring visor neo.
    It has 8 MB of memory but is expandable with springboard modules. You can also get different modules to enable you to record yourself and play them back (mental note to self kind of stuff), turn it into a digital camera, check email and surf the web with a modem, etc.
    I have a lot of programs on mine, from Epocrates to an ABG decoder to an electrolyte program, and more. Its immensely useful in keeping me organized and is portable and pretty sharp looking.
    And like the previous poster mentioned, you can synchronize data between your desktop and your handheld, so you'll always have a backup, and always be up to date.
    I'd recommend something with at least 8 MB, expandability, and the features to do what you want it to do.
    Think about it, look around, and go with what will suit your needs.
    where can i get ABG decoder? thanks!
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    Quote from presC.
    where can i get ABG decoder? thanks!