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I've posted this on the infomatics board but am looking for more feedback. I've been offered a beta test of medical reference for PDAs by a major publisher. I'd love to work with them on it, but I... Read More

  1. by   Ortho_RN

    There are several sites that have free stuff to download..


    Those are the two main ones that I use...
  2. by   nkosoana
    I have an m505 that use often. I keep it in my shirt pocket so I can easily look up meds. I use epocrates. It's updated frequently and best of all is free. I think it only works on the palm os. I don't know what the sony runs? There are also some good programs for learning to read tele.
  3. by   MitchF
    I just got into nursing school and was wondering if I should get a PDA right away or wait another semester. Also, what software should I get?
  4. by   mistersleepy

    As a recent grad I would encourage you to get a palm os pda ASAP.

    As far as software the two that I found most useful in nursing school were epocrates and Tabors med dictionary (avaliable from handheldmed.com) Tabors was expensive (about $50) but worth every penny, you will run into new terms on an almost hourly basis in school. In addition, I bought a database program and started to make entries early but I didn't end up looking back at my "cheat sheets" near as often as I thought I would (it was a good study habit to create the files though)

    If you want, feel free to email me.

  5. by   momoftriplets
    Hi, there is a great thread already started and it has a ton of info. if you do a search on palm pilots you will find all that you are looking for
  6. by   Angelica
    You could also consider a pocket pc operating system. I have a Dell Axim, and I absolutely love it! I don't know how I ever lived without it.
  7. by   RN2B4SUR
    I bought a Casio pocket PC and LOVE IT. Talk about organization and information at your fingertips! I also had the tabers software and the Davis drug Guide on my handheld. Both helped out lots and were lighter then any books everyone else carried!!
  8. by   AMV
    Just ran across this old thread and had to reply in case someone could use the info. Epocrates doesn't have a lot of info geared towards "nursing" specifically in their drug reference, but the basic info DOES come in handy and saves you time rather than trying to locate a drug book at work if all you need is basic info. If you have an older Palm or the Zire (not the new one with the camera, but the $99 one that has only 2 mb of space) you cannot fit Epocrates on it - or much of any thing else. Epocrates is free for Palm OS, but the new Pocket PC version comes with a yearly fee. Their site is www.epocrates.com. I believe it takes 3 to 4 mb of space just for that program alone.

    You might also check out www.tarascon.com - also for palm and pocket pc. It is free if it is still being beta tested, but even if not, the first month trial will be free.

    I also have to share something I found to be just WONDERFUL containing everything from a pretty good drug reference (which seems to have much better nursing interventions listed), as well as having a general medical reference(diseases, terminology - treatment/lab tests, etc for certain conditions), lab reference, diagnostic tests - you name it It even has ACLS algorithms!! It is VERY complete. It is called Pepid and you can find it at www.pepid.com. You can try it FREE for a whole month (if possible, I have found that it is better if you ALWAYS do the trial of a software program first - sometimes products look good, but once downloaded, it might not be at all what you thought it was!) You can find specific info for the nursing aspect of this program at http://www.pepid.com/products/rn/def...sp?product=RN. It is around $60 for 6 months subscription - so about $10 a month and I recently downloaded it - so I will evaluate it before purchase. But if it helps me in my job - it will be worth it. And it is subscription based, so you constantly receive updates everytime you sync - part of the subscription. I like the fact that you can "try before you buy" with most of these software programs. I have found this to be try for a lot of things I have found at www.RNPalm.com as well. By the way, I also downloaded a program called RNFastFacts from www.skyscape.com. It seems to have similar info that the Pepid has - not as complete, but set up the same way somewhat for a flat rate of $40. The only drawback to this is that it has "limited use" for the trial version, so you can see "what" it has,but there is a lock symbol next to it, and when you try to click on the specific things - such as the definition for "cholelithiasis", all you get is an explanation that you can only view the info if you buy the program. But I will, for the next month, kind of compare these side by side to see if the RNFast Facts will at least have what I need. The one time fee would be less than the Pepids subscription price. Also both of these programs require a bit of space. The Pepid takes around 6 mb. For this reason, you might want to buy and expansion card. I bought one I will mention in the next paragraph.

    If you are in the market to buy a PDA and buying one with a Palm OS (Palm, Sony and Handspring products) try to buy one with as much space as you can afford! Also do yourself a favor and buy one with color if you can afford that. The only exception to that would be the Sony Clie. Their monocrome "SJ20" has an amazing display, which backlit has a white background vs the others kind of greenish backgrounds. I spent just a little more money and bought the "SJ22" - the next step up from the "SJ20" which is color and has 16 mb of space. It also has an expansion slot with which I just purchased a Lexar 128 mg memory stick - $44 with a $10 rebate - beats Sony's price any day (around $70 or so) and works JUST FINE. All of my larger programs run off the memory stick, but have the link for the application off the main screen menu which is really nice (rather than having to switch to the memory card to open the program). This is my 3rd Palm PDA and I have found there are currently a lot more applications for Palm products and the Palm devices tend to be less expensive, but the Pocket PC is starting to catch up. Also, I hear a lot of people say that they like Pocket PC because, being a "mini version" of Microsoft Windows, it is compatatible with their computer. To clarify this, the truth is that Palm PDA's sync just as well with a computer running Microsoft Windows. For example, I have Windows Outlook, which is where my email arrives as well as where I keep all my contact inforamtion (all my friends and relatives addresses, phone numbers etc. ) and the calendar for reminders and such. When I "hot sync" my Palm, all of the information updates between my computer and my Palm instantly. If I have added a new phone number to my computer it updates on my PDA instantly and vice versa. So - Palm PDA's are just as compatable with your computer and Windows as are Pocket PC. So either type of program - Palm or Pocket PC - does well.
  9. by   flashpoint
    I use epocrates...it's great for looking up meds. I also like MedCalc...has a ton of good calculation programs...everything from basic dosages to the Parkland formula. I have an EMS field guide and a fire field guide.

    Epocrates is at www.epocrates.com, MedCalc I would at www.tucows.com (under medical reference, I think), and the field guide is at www.medmedia.com. Everything but the field guides are free. I also have a list of ACLS protocolss, but I can't remember where I found it.
  10. by   flashpoint
    One more thing. I also have all of our doctor's phone numbers in my address book...also all of the nurse managers, lab and x-ray techs, and anyone else I could think of that might ever take call. And the numbers of all the hospitals we usually transfer patients out to.

    I'm a volunteer paramedic, so it really helps to have all the hospital numbers...always have a number to call for report when transporting and always someone to contact if my patient crumps en route. :-)
  11. by   mdfog10
    I just bought a palm m515 . Do any of you use the Pepid software service?? what are your favorite programs.....?

  12. by   sjoe
    You might want to check out the several threads on this BB on the topic of PDAs. LOTS of information.
  13. by   flashpoint
    I like Pepid a lot...also ePocrates is good...MedCalc is also anther good one...check out www.tucows.com for some other great stuff