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I've posted this on the infomatics board but am looking for more feedback. I've been offered a beta test of medical reference for PDAs by a major publisher. I'd love to work with them on it, but I... Read More

  1. by   CANRN
    I have a Palm130 and love it. It has expandable ports for growing room.
  2. by   MomNRN
    My husband got me a Handspring Visor for Christmas last year. I love it. It has everything I need - calendar, phone numbers, solitaire, and my favorite - ePocrates. ePoctrates is a pharmaceutical book on the palm. It updates via the computer every time I sync the computer to the palm. It is always up-to-date! Way better than any book. I work at a special needs school and 85% of our kids are on heavy-duty meds. This lists correct dosage, adverse effects, drug interactions, and more. I couldn't live without it!
  3. by   Ortho_RN
    I have a Handspring Visor Edge and I LOVE IT!!!... Mine has more than enough memory, and they also have expansion slots to add more memory if needed... But I have all kinds of helpful stuff on my: Epocrates, IV Drip Rate Calculator, BMI Calculator and other stuff I can't remember... I also have some FUN stuff... like Mahjoong, Yahtzee, a Tip calculator

    Just make sure when you get one that it operates off of a Palm operating system... There are some that operate off a Windows operating system and I know most of these free medical things have to have Palm...

    Good Luck choosing one.. Let us know what you get
  4. by   EmeraldNYL
    We had to buy PDA's for my accelerated BSN program, and I purchased an HP Jornada with 32 megs of memory and a color screen. We also had to purchase several programs for it, including Stedman's dictionary, Davis's drug guide, RN Diseases, and RN procedures. All are very good, concise references but they are a little pricey! There are lots of freebies such as med calculators on the internet, and I haven't had a problem getting them to operate on my Windows-based PDA. One of the Toshiba PDA's was just recalled, so check out reviews of any PDA before you buy!
  5. by   sjoe
    Is there a web site to find out all this stuff? Like, how would you know whether the Nursing 2003 drug handbook exists digitally for a certain PDA? And for which ones? Or any other chunk of information or software packages? And how much the software and hardware cost, etc.? Where to get/download them?

    All you folks who own them, how did you decide which one to buy and which software packages to get? How do you know that a different brand of PDA or of software wouldn't have suited your purposes better than what you wound up with?

    It seems even more complicated than trying to figure out what cell phone service to use! (Which is one reason I don't have either a cell phone or a PDA yet.)
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  6. by   gpip
    as for the original post, my wie and I both have sony clie sj30's . we love em. She choose hers based on options and memory. I liked it so much I bought the same one. The biggest drawback is that it is a color monitor, so if you use it with the back lighton it sucks up power. As far as programs we were fortuninate enough to be given all the softwear by one of the intensivecare docs. there is no a single thing that he has given us that I do not like.drug books,merck manual, and gray's anatomy to name just afew. you can find a generous amount of softwear at www.aacn.org. hope this is helpful
  7. by   meddoc4
    I also work in the ER and I own a visor pro, it has a 16mb memory and expandable cards. which i have a 16mb card that has everything from 5 minute clinical consult, 5 minute emergency consult, infectious diseases book, etc. etc. all from skyscape. haven't had any problems with it.
    hope that helps you out, and good luck
  8. by   MK2002
    The available software might influence influence your decision. Check out these appropriate applications:

    Palm http://www.rnpalm.com/software_palm.htm

    Handspring http://www.handango.com/handspring/P...&title=Medical

    320+ Medical Progams On CD http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=1394627346
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  9. by   2amigos
    Thanks for providing the info and the link to the CD at eBay. I have e-mailed the seller for more information. Did you purchase the CD Rom? I'd appreciate your imput.
    Cheryl Moore
  10. by   MK2002
    I have not bought the CD yet, but I am going to place a bid very soon. While researching the seller's old sales I noticed that several copies were recently sold for $2.98. Even at the latest maximum price of $4.98 it is still an attractive enough deal just to try it out. There ought to be at least a few programs that would interest everyone.
  11. by   sjoe
    Having read all these posts, having been thinking about a PDA (mkostly for drug use), reading the related article in the 11/1/02 Business Week, how about this for those of us who have to handle stuff to figure it out:

    One of you PDA-savvy nurses arrange with some of these hardware and software companies (or a multi-vendor retailer/wholesaler) to be a representative, put on 30-60 minute, hands-on inservices at various health care facilities so nurses and docs can learn the basic ideas and how they would apply for THEM, play with this equipment, ask questions, etc. And be able to purchase them at a discount. (This probably would not be the time to emphasize the game-playing features.)

    You, in turn, would get a fat commission, the facility may get a free PDA or two for their CEO and DON, and presumably would benefit from increased inefficiency and decreased med errors, etc.

    Come on you Capitalists. Step up to the plate.
  12. by   Freebird55
    Hello ya'll "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

    It's been awhile sense Iv'e posted, been busy w/ finals and Christmas. I need advice on a PDA asap.

    I'm an LPN student will be starting clinicals in January, i'm going to buy a Sony Clie S J30. What programs should I get (that I can use as an LPN student in clinicals) I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff I don't need. I do know I will have to do care plans, look up drugs, etc. in clinicals, please please someone help me soon so I can buy the right software.
    As always that's in advance.
  13. by   prmenrs
    I have a palm M130, but it's just for personal use.

    There have actually been some threads about PDAs--you might try "searching" this site to see what words of wisdom bubble up!!

    One thing is epocrates that can be downloaded, and there are sites that evaluate and recommend different software. You can also search 'nursing PDA software' on Google.