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I've decided to jump into the 21st century and get a PDA. I've seen some really nice iPaqs, but they are $500. If that's what I need to spend in order to get one that will be useful, I will. I need... Read More

  1. by   Tony35NYC
    Quote from dave1117
    is a Palm Tungsten C...more power and storage than most might require but it does fill up fast. I bought it new in box on Ebay for $300. I love it. Everyone in my clinicals now wants one to help with meds, lab values, medical dictionary etc... Worth every penny in my opinion.


    The $500 quoted in the OP's message is a bit steep. I've also been looking around for a PDA and there are some really good ones being sold for a lot less than $500.

    I'm trying to decide between the Tungsten T5 and the Tungsten C. The T5 has a lot more memory but I also like the look of the C model. Both are being sold on the Palm website for $399 but I've seen them on e-bay for less. I encourage the OP to look around at other options before paying the $500, unless you really want all the 'fancy-schmancy' features.
  2. by   madwife2002
    Tungsten E is brill. Go on Ebay you can pick one up with all the medical stuff already downloaded
  3. by   ats
    I use a Handspring Treo, older version without the phone/internet capability. Absolutely love it, comes in handy constantly. (Plus, I love using the thumb keyboard.)

    Also purchased a number of nursing reference book downloads through Skyscape (RN FastFacts, Taber's, Davis's Drug Guide, lab/test reference, etc.) that have stood me in good stead. Lots of free stuff out there too, although quality varies.
  4. by   nursepotter05
    I have a Ipaq, which I paid $400+ for, however you can get them cheaper. Palm Tungsten's are good. E-BAy is a good place to look for cheaper ones. I would highly recommend getting one. I use mine everyday. I have RN notes, epocrates and Lippincott's drug guides,5 minute clinical consult, Pediatrics suite, Frye's NClex Bullets, and a ABG calculator. I put my work and school scedule and assignments in it. I find I will look at my PDA calender much more than I ever did when I had a paper organizer. My next software purchase is going to be a IV dug guide.
  5. by   dansamy
    HP iPaqs can run upwards of $500 retail, depending on processor, memory, screen, etc. Not that I ever actually pay full retail for anything. That's what eBay & Overstock are for!

    edited to add: I'm currently looking at the Tungsten T5 or Tungsten C. They are running $250-300 on eBay right now. Looking to snipe one closer to $200.
  6. by   blueinplaid
    Quote from NurseFirst
    It might be, but the problem with WiFi is not only that you can access the WiFi networks, the people using the WiFi networks can access YOU if they so desire. I'm not ready to deal with spyware, viruses, firewalls and everything else that goes with computer protection these days -- on my PDA. One step at a time.

    I just bought my pda TODAY and I'm so excited! I did a lot of research, and finally left with a HP Ipaq 3000 series. WiFi is secure. It is Bluetooth that isn't. Many Palms have only bluetooth and not WiFi so it's something to look into.

  7. by   WickedRedRN
    [QUOTE=Johnkc8rak]You might want to look at the Dell Axem X30. It goes for about $220-$300.00 if you get the wireless upgrade. It is the "Most bang for the buck". It is one of the fastest out and a good value. I am ordering one this wk end. It is a Windows system. Plenty of software out there. A lot of it is free.

    This is the one I am looking at currently. I had settled on a Tungsten T3, but now am wondering if the Axem might be better to work with since it is windows based???
  8. by   Cheri*RNHope2B
    I received a Palm Zire 72 for Christmas and I don't know how I got along without it....
    I've downloaded RNotes, Archimedes, Tabers, Epocrates and it came with a cool solitaire game that I play when I'm tired of studying. The Zire 72 also takes pictures, which comes in handy, and the picture quality is pretty good for a PDA. I've gotten alot more organized using the calendar and address book. I put all my kids' sports events on the calendar, my work schedule and my school schedule. I even purchased a Weight Watchers program that I use as my journal to count my "points". I also use it as a backup alarm to wake me bright and early for work (just in case my alarm clock doesn't work). To be honest with you, I don't know how I got along without it before. If I forget it at home, I feel lost..........
  9. by   dansamy
    Every time I think I've settled on a model, I change my mind!! I won (& will complete the sale) a Tungsten E on eBay, but I'm thinking I will turn right around and sell it off on eBay. I really like the whole smartphone thing. So, I'm trying to convince myself that I don't have to have a Treo 650 to accomplish what I want to do! I'm not winning, by the way. Myself is determined to have it. :chuckle