Lifedrive Battery Changed--all by myself!

  1. My Lifedrive warranty expired about 2 minutes before the battery finally bit the dust.

    Loathe to ship my PDA (with all my passwords, financial info, and very personal info on it) to some stranger and incur the costs--and possibly loss or damage during shipping, I decided to take a chance and buy a battery and do it myself.

    Yesterday, I changed the battery, charged it up, hotsync'd it, and let me tell you this:

    If you can start an IV, you can change this battery.
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  3. by   Faeriewand
    How do you like your LifeDrive Angie O PLasty? Does it really weigh more than 6 lbs? I read on a website that the weight was 6.8 so I assumed 6lbs.

    If you could would you have gotten something different? Are you happy with what you have or are you looking at something else wishing for that instead?

    I'm getting a handheld soon so just asking questions.
  4. by   Dreamer-RN
    Hello Faeriewand,

    I know you have directed your question to Angie. I do own the LifeDrive (purchased it in mid-2005). I do not have any major complaints. However, I am disappointed Palm appears to be discontinuing this product instead of upgrading it.

    Some quirks I have found thus far are the following:
    -The on/off switch can be a little quirky with turning off the PDA.
    -I have ran into delays with launching applications, but this does not bother me.

    It does not weight six pounds. Definitely, much lighter than this.

    I have not ran into any major problems with using it and overall, am happy with my purchase. My only wish is the device be a little less bulky. It may be the largest among other Palm's PDAs.

    Because Palm discontinued the product, I personally would not purchase the product myself unless you have a great need for a mobile manager. Perhaps, Handheld PC would suffice if you have such a need.

    The URL included in reponse to your inquiry on the disappearance of the LifeDrive, also have links to reviews and a discussion forum on PDAs. If you want to compare PDAs and Handheld PCs before purchasing, you may find the information on that website very helpful.
  5. by   UM Review RN
    Six pounds?! Heck no. More like 6 oz.

    Mine has been turning on at odd moments lately, which runs down the battery, so I went into Preferences and changed it to auto shutoff after 30 seconds.

    Other than that, no problem.

    However, I would not get another one in light of the fact that it was quite expensive and Palm does seem to be discontinuing the model. Changing the battery was easy enough, but it was either change the battery myself or be without my PDA for however long it took the Palm people to do the repair.

    I feel like if you're going to spend a lot of money for something, it shouldn't have to be repaired a year after you get it.

    However, I have no idea how the others compare to this model, because I've never used them.

    I can see myself having to buy another model down the road. Not happy about another huge outlay of money.

    Oh, and about the bulkiness of it. I got the leather wallet case and I just use it for my wallet as well as PDA case.
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  6. by   Faeriewand
    Thanks for the replies! I think I might just look into pocket pc's

    Yeah I bet that was 6.8oz