iPod Touch vs. Android Eris

  1. Hello,
    I am going back and forth between whether I should get the iPod Touch or upgrade my Verizon phone to the Android Eris (I don't like the Motorola Android's style... but that's just my preference). I just purchased the iPod Touch, but haven't opened it up because I want to see if I can get the Android first. Either way, I have to pay just about the same price for either one of those, out of pocket. If I go the Android route, I am only paying an extra $5 per month for the data package because I'm already paying to Internet and Email on my current Verizon phone. I know that you can get the nursing apps on both..... I've also emailed my instructor regarding whether or not we are allowed to have cameras in clinicals. I haven't heard anything back (of course, if she says "No", then I will go with the iPod Touch). I don't want to switch from Verizon as I love their service, so I will not get an iPhone.

    Can those of you that have either the iPod Touch and also the Android (doesn't matter which version), tell me the pro's and con's of each?

    Thank You so much for all your thoughts and suggestions!
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    I apologize for that. Thank you.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    no worries, sometimes people don't know about the forums until we move posts to them
  6. by   LovebugLPN
    I have the Eris and love it. I agree with you about the Motorola btw.
  7. by   ivanh3
    Depends on what you are trying to do. The ipod is not a phone. The android device is. Are you considering the use of medical apps? Then I would recommend the ipod as medical apps are not as far along (yet) on android. If you are not considering medical apps then it is wide open as android plays most music and video files well.

    I have had an adroid device before, and it was cool, but iphone/ipod has by far the most apps.

  8. by   BA_anthropology

    Any new updates on the Android, in relation to medical apps? I start nursing school in September and I'm thinking of getting a smart phone...I hear the iphone has the best nursing apps and I'm *hoping* the Droid catches up, since I don't really want to leave Verizon when my contract is up in June.

    Any nurses/nursing students using the Android for work/school? How are the apps?

  9. by   Taurabird
    Check out the demo of the iphone and android platforms at http://www.unboundmedicine.com/store by clicking on nursing central app and then click on the two platforms to run a simulation of each side by side. That really helped me decide on the android platform. Have fun with your search.
  10. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    I have the Moto Droid and I love it. I was considering an iphone but it can't multitask. The Droid is awesome! The app market for Android is growing faster than weeds daily! I use epocrates as a medical app because it is free and has all I need. You can also get skyscape.

    If you are going to go with an Android phone I would stay away from the Eris as it is about to be phased out. Verizon will be replacing it with a different model (forgot the name). There are several websites that are dedicated to Android phones, my favorite is www.droid-life.com.

    I chose the Droid over iphone because I like the option of using a physical keyboard, system upgrades are automatically pushed to the phone (I don't have to buy a new phone to get the latest upgrades), I can get a back up battery and change it myself. I also have a book reader and have been able to down lots of classics for free, and some modern novels for free. The iphone may have that option but I'm not sure.
  11. by   BA_anthropology
    Thanks so much for the information and the links!

    A big reason why I was interested in the Droid is the keyboard, so as long as the apps are decent then it makes sense to stick with Verizon.

    (Though I'm pretty sure that the iphone 4G, which is supposed to come out in a couple of months, is able to multitask).
  12. by   IT2RN
    I love my Droid Eris, but it won't run epocrates because epocrates runs only on Android 1.6 or higher. the Eris runs only Android 1.5. I have recently installed Skyscape, but havent used it enough yet to five an opinion. The Eris is a great mobile device so i'm sure the new HTC Droid Incredible will be even better.
  13. by   beejaycee
    Just my (and I have a Droid b/c I like the open platform and, yes, I would buy it again) -

    Whatever the iPhone does, it does very well. With that said, it only does what Apple allows (unless you jail-break it) and even though the upcoming OS will allow multi-tasking, all apps may not be capable of it. There are certain restrictions Apple is placing on multi-tasking to ensure that the iPhone/iTouch performs to their standards. If an app doesn't meet those restrictions, no multi-task for you!

    The original poster asked about an iTouch, I think. When Apple comes out with the next version of software, you will have to buy it for the iTouch but it will be free for the iPhone, if Apple does as it has in the past.

    If you buy an Android phone, I would make certain it has at least Android 2.1. That is the latest/greatest OS for 'droids so you won't have to worry about upgrading the OS and any potential problems when you do anytime soon. Also, I love my Droid but I "may" run into problems soon with the memory. I don't have the long & short of it yet but there is a memory limitation for apps and it looks like I may run into that (but I haven't yet so I don't know if this is a real problem or if I'm just looking for things to worry about).

    To me, Android is free-er and looser than Apple so you might have a little more of a learning curve. But Android users are fanatics (like Apple users) so they are very supportive (unless you badmouth their phones, in which case the villages are on their way to your house w/torches & pitchforks yelling "Kill the Beast!"). You have to ask around to find out about things like doubleTwist, Swype, HandCent, etc. or to learn about putting shortcuts & folders on the homescreens.
  14. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    Quote from IT2RN
    I love my Droid Eris, but it won't run epocrates because epocrates runs only on Android 1.6 or higher. the Eris runs only Android 1.5. I have recently installed Skyscape, but havent used it enough yet to five an opinion. The Eris is a great mobile device so i'm sure the new HTC Droid Incredible will be even better.
    I thought all of the Android phones were to get the updates. The HTC Droid Incredible is coming out soon. Maybe Verizon would let you upgrade?

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