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  1. I was wondering if you guys use the IPOD touch, and where you can get books for it. I checked with skyscape, but you have to buy a subscription. Do you know of any that you can buy once and then have it forever? Thanks, Abby
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  3. by   stacygirl
    I just got the Touch and was wondering the same thing. Hopefully someone has some answers.
  4. by   NICUDreamer11
    Have you tried looking at the mobile computing forum on here? There is tons of information on there on all kinds of stuff related to pdas, smartphones, ipods... I'm not sure if there is an answer to this question, but it might help to look there.
    At our school we get a membership to Unbound's Nursing Central, so I can't help you with what other books to get?
  5. by   Fermin Hernandez
    wrong forum but--

    your best bet right now is skyscape.

    skyscape sells their ipod touch products as yearly subscriptions.

    first you download skyscape (free) from itunes. this program is the main shell program that will contain all your purchases. it comes with a few junky freebies.

    you can then go to their website and purchase the subscriptions for whatever products you want.

    make sure you select ipod touch or iphone as your platform!
    it is the second, cheaper price. for example, davis's drug guide for nurses has two prices listed,$49.95 and $37.96. click the dropdown box under 37.96 to select iphone/ipod touch 1 year subscription.

    purchase your product but remember it is a yearly subscription.

    then load your skyscape program on your device, and enter the serial numbers etc, it will then download the program to your device.

    the good news is there is a lot to choose from, major drug books like mosby/davis for nurses, medical dictionaries, etc etc.

    the bad news is its subscription. some books like drug books i like that model with, as i always want the current version. other books like medical dictionaries...not so much.

    for a free drug product there is epocrates...a tip with epocrates is if your looking to see what a drug is for, look under dosing.
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  6. by   9livesRN
    i actually liked the programs that came with skyscape!
  7. by   Fermin Hernandez
    The medical calculators are nice I admit. The drug book is a bit sub-par, but works. The medical outlines are...complicated, but interesting.

    The nice thing is you can get a lab book, a diagnosis book, a medical dictionary, and a drug book all into a light iPod Touch which is allowed in about any clinical as it has no camera or phone.
  8. by   txnursingqt
    Go and search the apps available in the iTunes store. You can search nursing or there is a sidebar where it has health/fitness and there are lots of medical stuff there. There were some free apps that looked pretty good and many that you had to buy. I have been doing research because I was debating on getting an ipod touch and I am now sold. Especially after seeing all the cool apps.

    There are programs that have med term, ones for medical calculations, many that have flashcards. Even one that shows surgical procedures. Hope that helps.
  9. by   stacygirl
    Just curious - when you download these programs onto the touch, are they accessible anytime or is internet required to use them?
  10. by   Fermin Hernandez
    the skyscape subscription products are downloaded to the ipod touch. ignore the old posts on this forum about being offline/online -- for the most part.

    unbound medicine brand software is currently online use only.

    finding the skyscape programs to download is a bit odd.

    1) go to website
    2) click skyscape on the iphone ad on the right side of the page
    3) click adding to your skyscape medical resources
    4) click get started

    or use the auto links above that were auto created when i copy/pasted haha!

    be sure to choose the right platform (ipodtouch/iphone are the same), its the cheaper price. i need to stop repeating myself or i am going to start sounding like a potter fundamentals book
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  11. by   emtneel
    you can claim the subscriptions on your taxes for work/school purposes to help offset cost.
  12. by   stacygirl
    Quote from emtneel
    you can claim the subscriptions on your taxes for work/school purposes to help offset cost.
    Good to know!! thanks!!!!