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:yawn:I am interested in the IPOD touch as my PDA. I start nursing school in one week. I saw the skyscape programs but how would i be able to view them offline just in case I didn't have internett... Read More

  1. by   secondopinion
    Just to cover myself here, I do not actually own an ipod touch with a skyscape subscription. From what I understand though, having a subscription only entitles you to obtain the information for the duration of the subscription (usually one year). Once that time period is up, that information is no longer accessible. So basically it's a lease for a year. If you don't renew your lease, you don't get to use skyscape on your ipod touch. This is not the case with the Skyscape Blackberry, Palm and Windows software (Once you download it, you have access to that information on your phone/PDA forever. In this scenerio it's up to you when you want to buy the newest software, there's no "you've gotta buy it or else" as there is with a subscription). I know that you've already tried communicating with them via email, but try their live support since email communication doesn't allow you to rephrase a question on the fly. They're really helpful from my experience. Best Regards.

    Forgot to add: I don't think the information is deleted, it's just not accessible until you renew your subscription.
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  2. by   Seagate
    SO if I buy the Nursing Consetellation for $180 or the $90 or $125 version....it is for only one year and I have to pay the same amount that I purchased it on a yearly basis?
  3. by   secondopinion
    Hey there Seagate! Skyscape changed their tune finally! They must have received enough gripes about the subscription that they decided to offer their potential and current customers the option of (1) subscription or (2) standard. With the standard you receive updates for a year and you get to keep it beyond a year without the service in a sense "deactivate", as is the case with the subscription after a year. I prefer the idea behind the "Standard" since I own the software outright as opposed to lease it (subscription). If you have any other questions or things you need clarified let me know. I'll try my best.

    I need to add...I actually did buy an ipod and actually do run skyscape on it. At the time of my last posting I was totally against buying the subscription, but caved in. Then, one day when browsing skyscape for the heck of it, I noticed that they offered a standard version, so I jumped on that ASAP.

    Btw, make sure you get it right with regard to which handheld device you want to have your skyscape on. They'll charge you $20 for the whole year if you want to switch from pocket pc to ipod ....etc etc. It's a one time fee and I think you can switch "anytime/as many times" you want, but it's an extra charge you don't want to have if you don't need to.
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  4. by   WanderingSagehen
    I am posting to add current information on the Ipod Touch. (please correct me if I am wrong) Looks like now Skyscape Nursing Constellation is available for the Touch. I have an 8gb. Is Nursing Central or Skyscape or Pepid better? Pepid looks to be only accessible while online which is not possible from my home on Ipod Touch. If I read correctly, Skyscape can be accessed even while off the internet; that would be good for doing homework. Looks like $150 is the cheapest price for a one year subscription. I bought the small version and its too late to trade it in for the 30gb. Its too small to use it for all internet purposes- prefer my laptop.
  5. by   deleern
    Epocrates has a free version that works great. I had Nurses constalation from Skyscape in NS I mostly used the Drug book... I used it on a PDA. The only thing that made it worthwhile was it was also on my Person computer.

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