iPhone : Plans & choosing data vs. no data

  1. Hello nurses,

    I want to get an iphone but going from my current $30 montly plan to a $60 pre-tax and services plan is just not sitting well with me as a student.


    1) Is having data important? Can I get by with just wifi? How many of iPhone owners do not have data in your plan...and how do you find it? I'm not sure if I can't use wifi at the hospital, but it's not a must, computers are available. I can use my computer or wifi at home and at the library.

    2) What are your monthly voice and data plans and what features does that include? I'm in Canada, and trying to decide between Fido, Bell, Rogers & Virgin Mobile. They're all quite pricey but the 'cheapest' is Virgin Mobile....$50 for 150 minutes, 500 mb data, unlimited evenings & weekends starting at 7pm, and voicemail + call display. Total with taxes is $57.64.

    3) Is it better to go to store and talk to a salesperson or call to get a good deal? Do you think I could negociate a better price?
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  3. by   buster4
    I am not aware of a way of getting around the data plan on the iphone, the ipod touch, yes you do not have to have any data plan... i recently purchased a iphone and love it..
  4. by   traumaRUs
    AT&T makes the data plan ($30 month) mandatory. You will need the data plan in order to fully utilize your iPhone. I have one and love it also.
  5. by   butterfly135
    I just got my iphone last week and I am in love. When I purchased my phone they told me the data package was mandatory(ATT). I don't think you would enjoy the phone as much without it personally. I also have the itouch which I bought a few months back, it is wonderful as well and does not require any data package. If you do not want to pay the extra every month you might consider the itouch.
  6. by   dfrary
    I just got an iPhone last week. There is a new data plan of $15/month, but it's limited to 200 mb of data/month, versus $30 for unlimited data per month. I picked the $15 plan since it already has wi-fi built in. At least then I know that if I really need to access AT&T's data service, I won't get dinged with per/minute or per kb/mb/whatever charges. The add'l $30/month was what kept me from an iPhone up until now. Hope this helps.
  7. by   TwilightRNurse
    I have one and love it.

    I don't see any reason to have an iPhone if you don't have a data plan

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