iPhone apps for Peds

  1. Anyone know of any good apps for pediatrics?

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  3. by   WSU_Ally_RN
    I have a droid, so I'm not sure if it's available for iphone or not, but I have an app called ConvertPad. It converts kg to pounds and ounces (along with tons of other conversions). So much easier for me when I tell my parents their kiddo weighed 5.8kg today to be able to pull out my app and convert it to 12 pounds 12 ounces then to multiply by 2.2 and get 12.76#'s which parents never understand. It's the only app besides lexicomp that I use at work in my PICU.
  4. by   Kate2307
    Ok great, I will see if they have it for my phone. Thanks
  5. by   swalker123
    If you have an iphone then there will be no problem about this planner thing that you want to have. Even in droid phones/tablets you can use also. Anyway what kind of phone you are using?

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