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  1. Hi I'm a new nurse (just passed my exam this week!). I recently purchased an iPhone and just wanted to know if anyone has any medical or nursing app suggestions that are free. So far I have downloaded a drug guide. Thanks!
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    hmmm, lessee here, what's on mine that's nursing/medical related? (loove my iphone)

    translator, useful for, well, translating to - from other languages. it really works, if your patient is literate in his language.
    convert (units conversions)
    anatomy (netter's pix-- expensive but all parts labeled and you can't beat it for patient teaching)
    lab values
    finr brain (i do a lot of brain injury stuff)
    shoulderdoc (i do a lot of ortho)
    you get a calculator with it, i think; if not, there are lots available

    the journal of nurse life care planning did a great article on smartphone apps awhile back. go to aanlcp | american assocation of nurse life care planners and look for the jnlcp x.4, december 2010, page 294.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
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  5. by   zero.
    I use the following:



    Qx Calculate (have formulae for most specialties)

    Micromedex Drug Info

    Phoenix Diascan Volume Monitoring System (for hemodialysis)
  6. by   GitanoRN
    i use micromedex drug info, epocrates, and medscape, these are totally necessary in my book.
  7. by   kris10s08
    Skyscape is great because they have many of the same textbooks my school required and they are formatted for my mobile screen (I had an Android and now I have an iPhone), they work on iPad too. I can enter a disease or drug and it searches all my books and I have the info in seconds. The Nursing Constellation Plus has a drug guide, dictionary, RNotes, labs and disease for reasonable money considering you get 6 books and a medical calculator. They offer discounts to schools, so I bought mine at a discount. Go to www.skyscape.com to see what they have. You can try their free app that includes a drug guide and medical calculator at their website Skyscape Free App I always have my phone and I haven't had an issue with any clinics or hospitals letting me use it.
  8. by   turnforthenurse
    Congratulations on passing your NCLEX!

    The translator app is very useful. Here are some of my other favorites:
    - ABG Eval
    - Micromedex (like this even better than Lexicomp and it's FREE)
    - AACN2Go
    - Lab Values+ (I think it's like $2.99)
    - Critical Care (I think this was a couple of $...but it's a GOLDMINE of information and especially useful if you work in an ICU or ICU stepdown unit)
    - ACLS Manual
    - Convert
    - NIHSS Stroke Scale
    - Qx Calculate
  9. by   GitanoRN
    you just can't beat the micromedex & the best thing is that it's free.. we like free
  10. by   zero.
    Micromedex. Comprehensive. FREE.

    To the ones using Lab Values, of which app author do you have?
  11. by   GitanoRN
    Quote from zero.
    micromedex. comprehensive. free.

    to the ones using lab values, of which app author do you have?
    my apologies, i couldn't begin to tell you since it was installed by the facility where i work, maybe someone else can enlighten you on this subject, have a great week....aloha~

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