Iphone and Ipod touch for nursing

  1. Hi All,

    A tech friend of mine mentioned that Palm OS and Windows Mobile seem to be on the way out...there seems to be growing interest in the Iphone/Ipod touch medical application arena...

    I am curious as to how many people actually utilize these devices in their daily practice. Apple seems quite generous/open with their development tools so I expect many more applications to begin appearing soon...

    So tell me what you think.. do you/or would you consider Iphone/touch for your daily practice?

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  3. by   mcubed45
    why not read craigB's post and ask him? he's given a pretty thorough & in-depth look at using the iphone/ipod touch as a pda for nursing.
  4. by   MobileNurseSara
    I am a firm believer that EVERYONE needs an iPhone. The amount of medical apps at this point is amazing. There are many free that have almost all of the same features as the more expensive ones, but some of the paid apps are worth buying too.

    I use it ALL the time in practice even having the internet in my pocket when/wherever I need it is worth the higher cost of the iPhone. There are calculators for everything from BSA to GFR & Creat Clearance and they provide several different formulas so you're pretty much safe with facility policy.

    There is one app ("Merge" I believe) - that I don't think I could live without anymore - that allows you to access your facilities system for viewing diagnostic images on your phone on a secured network with a password. No more fighting your way to the desk!!
  5. by   mtneering
    I have an iPod Touch. I use Unbound Med's Nursing Central pricey but well worth it. I have a lot of the other RN apps. I had a Palm in school and upgraded to the touch a bit ago. 10,000x better than the Palm and it has all my music. Plus I use the podcast feature, all kinds of informative free podcast.
  6. by   MobileNurseSara
    I forgot to mention that there's tons of free videos from Grand Rounds all over the world - very interesting. You can get them from iTunes I believe it's called iTunesU or something like that.
  7. by   alex_hamilton18
    I think i'll be getting one of these for my practice next year when I graduate... sounds like a valuable tool!
  8. by   UF-UM
    Yeah same here. I think this is a valuable thing to have!!
  9. by   BAMARN09
    Do you know if the IPOD Touch has the same capabilities as the iphone...in your opinion (or if anyone knows) which would be a better choice for a new grad starting in the ER?
  10. by   rghbsn
    I like having my ipod Touch over an Iphone for a couple of reasons: mainly because I can use it until it dies and I still have a phone to use. It also uses less power and has tons more storage for the price.
    I am on Verizon with my cell phone and recently added MiFi to my package...which allows me to go online anywhere I have cell phone coverage anyway (with my Touch) and still have my cell phone, with a charge on it, if I need it.
    I am a transport nuse (critical care ground and flight nursing) and I use my Touch all the time, on the road or in the hospital, for my nursing practice.
  11. by   Circejane
    I have an iPod Touch. Best thing that I bought for school, I always have it with me, AND it has fun non-professional uses, too! Worth every penny for both the unit and apps.
  12. by   MobileNurseSara
    Quote from BAMARN09
    Do you know if the IPOD Touch has the same capabilities as the iphone...in your opinion (or if anyone knows) which would be a better choice for a new grad starting in the ER?
    As far as I know, the iPod Touch does have all the abilities of the iPhone except that of the phone, SMS (although you can download apps that make that possible over WiFi I believe), and you need to be connected to WiFi to use the internet and for apps that require internet connection.

    So, if your hospital has WiFi access, the Touch would be equivalent when it comes to medical/nursing apps. If not, I'd go for the phone
  13. by   blueyesue
    You can also make calls on your ipod. All you need are those earbuds that have a mic, and access to wireless internet. I have the app called "icall", and it is 100% free. Good for those occasional calls when you have wireless access.
  14. by   lil pixi
    Not a nurse (Not yet, at least )
    But I can tell you this.....

    My ex boyfriend's mother was an ICCU nurse @ Mass General in Boston for at least 20+ years, and about a year ago, came home so insistent on getting an iPhone immediately with one of the reasons being, she'd be the only nurse on her unit without one.

    It's great for a lot of people in a lot of different professions, but it seems to be an especially great multi-tool for nurses.