1. I start nursing school in April, but I'm thinking about this now because I'm getting an iPhone, and wanted to make sure I got one with enough memory for everything I will need for personal use as well as the apps and resources for school. I know the 16gb is way too small, considering I have about 12gb of music on my iPod (although I can delete a bunch of that). My school also utilizes all ebooks that I can access on my phone too. Therefore, I'm debating between the 32gb and 64gb. Can anyone give advice of whether you think the 32gb will be enough space or should I go with the 64gb?
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  3. by   Esme12
    moved for imporve response...
  4. by   hgrimmett
    If you can afford the 64 gig, go for it. I could only afford the 8 gig myself (iPhone 4, but it was really cheap) but my music lives on my (old and very full) 160 gig ipod anyhow and I really didn't want to move all of it to the phone. I don't read books on my iPhone, my eyes can't handle the small text size. i did pay $$$ for a Skyscape subscription though and I am loving that. I actually just bought a MacBook pro to use for reading. Thought about an iPad but it was on sale and I can do more on it like write papers for school and stuff.
  5. by   Certifiable
    I don't understand why this post was moved. Asking about an Iphone in the general nursing student forum seems right. If things are moved to very specific places, people won't read them. Less people reading and responding is quite the opposite goal of a forum.
  6. by   JillyPlot
    I originally posted in the mobile apps forum, but when I got no response in about 7 hours, decided to post in the student forum where I thought people who could help would see it more.
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    We have forums for a reason and there are a few threads already posted in this forum discussing iphone or other mobile devices plus various programs. Waiting 7 hours for a responce isn't a long time really
  8. by   JillyPlot
    I searched for threads that answered my question and didn't find any. There were posts about iPhone apps and similar, but none that I found relating to the question I had about memory. No, 7 hours isn't a very long time, but I didn't realize that asking again in an area where I felt students who are at the point in their nursing careers that may have insight into this because they may be using their phones in the way I'm asking about would be more likely to see it was a crime. I apologize for asking somewhere I thought would be more appropriate.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    There isn't anything to apologise for. We do move threads around to forums we thing will be more beneficial.

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