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  1. hi, all!

    i'm wondering what you would recommend as far as products, such as the ipad, go. i'd like to get something that i can download all of my textbooks and reference books to- i am looking for an efficient, reliable contraption. i think it would be easier than lugging a bunch of books around all the time. i'm also thinking that it would cost less in the long run, and be less of a hassle, than buying actual books. what are you using, or what do you see being used? if it had internet capabilities, that would be nice, but not completely necessary. as long as i can read through books with ease, i'm happy. it would have to be lightweight, and easily toted around. i'd want the battery life to be decent length as well. please let me know all of your thoughts- this type of technology is so foreign to me still! thanks in advance!
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    You can download books to the Droid phones. Its nice because it fits in your pocket
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    I use an iPhone at work, iPad on my deck/recliner/bed, iMac at my desk. Simple, they all work, and talk to each other w/o any glitches or headaches. Sexiest old guy at Starbucks!
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    I love my kindle, but I'm not in nursing school. From what I hear, it's not the best thing to read reference books on, and there are multiple apps to read your books with the ipad. The kindle has no page numbers since it fits the content to its screen, it has "location" numbers and I don't know how the heck you reference that when writing a bibliography. Maybe the MLA handbook writers have some homework to do, eh? If they do figure that little problem out, it would be great but I'm not holding my breath.

    The kindle does come with wifi built in and you will get whatever speed the wifi around you has available up to 3G but it's the device itself that makes loading pages take a long time. And you only get static pages. So if you only want to look something up on wikipedia real quick and there is no other conceivable internet access, ok. Otherwise, uh no. When I was in school, like one teacher and one student had a pda at all, there were only a few people who ever used their cellphones for texting, etc. and yet the internet did come in real handy during homework and research, for clarifying and looking stuff up. (And this was 2003-2005, not too long ago.)

    So if I were you - I'd look at an ipad or netbook-like thing for school. All I wanted was to read, read, read and I'm doing fine with my kindle, but you really need something that can help you out more and faster for school.
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    iPad, you might want to look at a iPod touch as well. iPads are nice, but not easily "toted" to clinicals, like Touches. I use an iPhone in the office, but its not easy to read for long periods of time like I'm thinking you are wanting. I use my Pad at home for lounge reading, not much time for that, but when I have it, I exploit it.

    The Pad is ideal for reading. Battery is the bomb, esp if you turn the screen down, which I have found you can turn down almost all the way inside, and later in the day and the battery will last and last and last. It's worth the extra $150 compared to a netbook.

    Now, as a side note, I'm having a rather nasty fight with McGraw-Hill regarding a textbook from 2006, they supported as being a "free download to your PDA." My PDA happens to now be an iPhone. They won't have any of it. Its PALM or nothing. I told them to get off their ass and start supporting current technology, go bankrupt and I was getting on the phone to call Steve Jobs to BUY their company. You can imagine the reply I got back.

    I guess it will take a few thousand medical students to get McGraw-Hill in gear? I wish you the best of luck. Stick to apple products, they are cutting edge and last. I still use my circa 2000 iMac :-P

    Be sure to check out the medical Podcasts!!!
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    I wish Unbound Medicine and other medical apps would come out with iPad apps sooner.
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    And the congregation all said...AMEN!

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