I can't make up my mind!!!!!

  1. Hi, everyone! I am about to purchase a te new dell axim51v. I am torn between all these programs to put in it. there are so many different programs that i think would help me out in my first sem of nursing school/clinicals. I know I definitely need a nursing diagnoses book, and a drug guide. I was shopping around don't whether to choose mosby's (that had the intervetion/outcome) or davis' that had egular updates and dosage calc. I also wanted to buy a program that had lab diagnostics and test, but i really can't decide. it's like one product wil have something and lack another, and then another program will have what the other was lacking and have something elses that makes me think.." wouldn't it be hepful if i had that?"
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  3. by   Dratz
    I did what you are doing.....it is mind boggling isn't it. And annoying that one program will have one thing I want on it and a bunch of other stuff I have no use for.

    What I finally ended up doing was.....downloading the FREE things, like Epocrates, or Diagnosaurus etc...I did NOT subscribe to any "bundles" or programs. Then.....I played around with the free stuff I had downloaded and then fiddled around with my PDA getting to know it.

    What I found was this: First of all, I had no real clue what anything that I had downloaded for free really meant...all chinese...and then I found navigating the silly PDA was extremely challenging. I have the Palm Tungsten T5. And then finally.....

    When school actually did start I had absolutely no time to open my PDA or refer to my PDA on anything. I relied totally on my textbooks ....that was overwhelming enough. And now...

    Since my PDA has been sitting here collecting dust for a year and refuses to hotsync despite all I have tried...I don't think I plan on carrying it with me at all thru second year. I think all my FREE stuff has ran out anyhow and have no desire to search the net to reload it up. We were told we needed to get one and then we haven't used it. I feel I totally wasted my money for a tinker toy...But then again, later on when I am done stressing about school and can find some time to play with my tinker toys again...then I might find a use for it out in the field after I am working.

    Until you actually are knee deep in your courses at school, you will not know what programs will be helpful on your PDA...at least that has been my experience. But if you want to load up....I would suggest trying the FREE stuff first before you commit to anything long term subscription wise.

    Just my thots
  4. by   kalayaan
    it was useful to me, extremely.

    if you want to see how the programs work, skyscape can let you download trials. what that means is that some information will be locked until pruchase, but some are open for viewing so you know how they work.

    what i got that was useful are: 5cc, steadmans medical dict, manual of nursing practice, a labs/diagnosis one, nursing diagnosis, drug handbook.

    how to use it? i dont treat it like an ebook where thats the only thing i read. i still read my books. during lectures i look up words/topics to clarify things. u dont have to bring all your books. it saves you time and energy.

    i suggest you get the trials. it will help you determine what u need.