Hi everyone

  1. hi!
    my name is lori and i currently work in a long term care setting. because i was taught that one should continue learning, i am contemplating buying a pda or ultra mobile pc. i was actually thinking of getting a toshiba satellite and was reading on this site about "skyscape" and i am like...what. granted, i have been out of school for a few years but the library had a system called ci...... something which i thought was so cool. but, after checking the skyscape site i am like....oh, i really need to get this. does anyone know if i could get those services on a toshiba satellite laptop? the more i look and read on this site, the more i want to learn. like, i haven't had any continous iv education and i don't know where to go for that...lol. but, i am still working, and learning!
    anyway, i have been a nurse for over 12 years and am a better person because of it (i think). thanks for being here..lori
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    Be sure to check out the forum on mobile computing.
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    Hi Lori and welcome to the site

    I have moved this to the mobile computing forum