Help with PDA gift

  1. My Daughter has just passed her board tests
    I've been looking at the Palm TX and the HP's
    But I would like to know what you as a Nurse would want.
    So If you were a recent LPN grad what PDA would you find most useful?
    What software would you want loaded on it?
    If you would also say why you would prefer 1 or the other would be helpful too.

    Thank You
    Proud Dad
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Well first congrats to your daughter. And, second congrats to you on being such a wonderful dad. My personal preference is the Tungsten PDA's from Palm. They operate on the Palm OS and are very simple. I personally find that more programs are readily available for the Palm OS versus the Personal PC. I have a Tungsten E that I really liked and used for two years and now I have a Treo 700p which is a combo phone/PDA (my own little reward to me - lol).

    Programs to load would be specific to what area of nursing that you are going into. I used the free ePocrates at first and then purchased the ePocrates Essentials..