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Can someone help me?? I ordered nursing constellation, and tabers cylcopedic medical dictionary, and a 256 memory card from skyscape. Well I got it all in the mail today and i was given cd roms for... Read More

  1. by   K10K11
    Hello jnette & midcom

    Midcom I've read you use the Palm LifeDrive are you still happy with it? Any problems?

    Jnette:spin: I'm going in circles trying to narrow the PDA's down. I think I'm close... I haven't read what type of PDA you use. Please post that here for me... And please tell me if you're still as happy with the PDA you purchased. If you've experienced any problems with the unit or software. I would highly appreciate it...

    Thank You.................Two in advance,

    ~ T

    Quote from midcom
    They also go on to suggest that you check the user manual found on the CD that you used to install the desktop part.
    I suspect there may be something wrong with the card. In that case they should replace it for you.
    Good luck. I really like Skyscape's products & their service is good also.

    Quote from jnette
    Ditto... LOVE their products and the support. Have never had anything but good experiences with them.

    I didn't buy the preprogrammed SD cards,though... I just download everything from their website after purchasing a product.

    Hope you get up and running soon !
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  2. by   midcom
    I still am very happy with my Life Drive. It works just fine. However, I'm finding it hard to get used to grabbing my PDA instead of a book. I'm just used to reading paper, I guess.
    I recently bought Nursing Diagnosis Handbook from Skyscape. It's great but I still reach for my book when I need it. Hopefully, I'll find myself using the PDA more as time goes by.

  3. by   K10K11
    Quote from midcom
    i still am very happy with my life drive. it works just fine. however, i'm finding it hard to get used to grabbing my pda instead of a book. i'm just used to reading paper, i guess.
    i recently bought nursing diagnosis handbook from skyscape. it's great but i still reach for my book when i need it. hopefully, i'll find myself using the pda more as time goes by.


    i'm a paper/notepad/notecard person... so-- to minimize some of that... i hope to use mine a lot (when i get it... which may be tues. or wed.) :uhoh21: i hope my mind doesn't change again by then.

  4. by   jms79
    I just bought a palm t/x. Its so cool. I had the first palms when they came out years ago. It doesnt even compare. I wouldnt advise getting a dell I have been looking around this forum and researching pdas. Why do you need a pocket PC. There are a lot more websites for Palms and alot more nursing programs for palms. There very expensive the Pocket PC. My college recommend the ipaq I went into the bookstore they didnt have many it was very expensive and hardly anyone bought them. Palm will always have software but will Pocket Pcs always be around?
  5. by   gradRN2007
    me too, when i download from their site i don't have to worry about backing up and or keeping track of cds/cards
    good luck
  6. by   gradRN2007
    One way to use the pda more will be to leave the book at home. It's a scary thought but it works
    It really comes in handy and I use my husbands old case which clips on my waist and just has a magnet closing so its always close by, even in patients rooms so If they have a question i can educate on the spot or if there is a med i am not familiar with..
  7. by   fragino
    I've had my Dell X51v for over a year now and I've never had any problems installing or working with my Dell. Why do I choose the MS OS over the Palm? Because I can read and edit all my MS Office files along with running all the software I need.

    Even though the X51 has a lot of memory it does not have enough to install AND run ALL those programs. None of those PDA's do. PDAs has some memory allocated to the installed programs and documents and some to running the programs. If you take up too much of the memory with installed programs, you may not have enough to run them. I've installed all the nursing software I've got into one of my 2 GB external memory cards. Runs just fine.

    I do agree though that a lot of people find that PDAs with the Palm OS is a lot less bother for them. My wife used a Palm PDA and she never had any problems with it and she never used a computer before then on a regular basis. If you have no need to carry or use MS Office files on the go, then I would recommend the Palm.
  8. by   mayfairsnitch
    right at this very moment i'm having a hard time installing my skyscape nursing applications also with my palm tungsten E. help anyone?:imbar
  9. by   gradRN2007
    go to to technical support and chat in real time