Having problems with downloading software, please help..

  1. Okay, so I just bought the Nursing Costellation package from Skyscape and I also got Taber's. I downloaded them and put them on my desktop to install them. But when I went to install them into my Palm TX it said that their was a problem with registration codes and to disable a firewall if I had one, or go to the site to register the codes. I don't know what this is. Can anyone help? There is no firewall and it syncs with everything else just fine, just not this stuff from Skyscape. I'm getting a little anxious because I paid $126 for these programs and they're not working.

    Anyone got any advice? I really need help on this one.
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  3. by   rehab nurse
    its been a while since I installed anything from skyskape,but i remember having these problems too.

    there is a registration code they will send you via email, or you can look it up on your account page at skyskape.

    is the palm showing a link to the skyskape and then when you tap it, it shows a keyboard where you type in your code?? or is it not showing anything at all?

    i had to contact skyskape for both of my palm pilots when i had this issue. i talked to them via instant messaging on their website and got the problem fixed in a matter of minutes. that's your best bet. they are very good at helping you get the product onto your palm.

    sorry i couldn't be of much help. good luck.
  4. by   Scrubz
    I eventually got it figured out, I think.. I couldn't just punch in the registration codes when I installed them into my Palm (like they asked for) because it kept giving me weird messages.. I tried to do it through the website, and it still didn't work. Eventually I just installed the trail versions, then went to skyscape to figure out my unlock codes and I think that finally worked... As long as it works I guess.. But I was getting pretty pissed off at first.

    But aside from that I'm glad I got these programs; constellation and tabers seem really useful... Both Davis's drug guide and Taber's dictionary are very comprehensive.