Hand held PDA for medication look up,procedures and disease process

  1. Anybody have any information on how i can buy a very nice handheld PDA for checking medications and diseases? I'm a new nurse...just barely 3 months at work. The other day a doctor asked me to print a copy of consent form for ERCP procedure. I know i know what it meant but had forgotten the full meaning. Although i found it from the charge nurse, it wasn't funny..lol..So, I need one that for quick look up of medications and side effects, and disease process and procedures. I prefer Dell, however, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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  3. by   Altra
    I love my Dell Axim. I have the nursing bundle of programs from www.skyscape.com which includes the Davis Drug Guide. The pre-loaded Windows software also allows me to create files with my own notes, such as phone numbers, staff, abbreviations, procedures & other info specific to my job.

    See the PDAs & Nursing forum - under Various Nursing Topics.
  4. by   maryloufu
    I got my Tungsten from Dell. I have Tabers dictionary, Davis Drug guide and some lab program from http://www.unboundmedicine.com/
    They are very helpful- because all of the reference books on my floor are OLD and forget about actually being able to get to a computer when you need one- it just doesnt happen. Good luck.
  5. by   floridaRNtoo
    Definitely check out Skyscape.com. I use the Davis drug guide and Tabor's is nice if your unit doesn't keep a copy. Does your unit keep a print-out of the surgery schedule? It can be handy for spelling out endo procedures, etc. until you get your PDA loaded up.
  6. by   NaomieRN
    I purchased a cd on ebay for $26, i have over 200 medical programs, example, taber, RnLabs, RnAssess, RnDiseases, Rnint, Drug guides, washington Manual, ABClab, Maternity, Psy, etc. I have 9 programs installed on my tungsten e2 Pda.
  7. by   writtenluxury
    I am a nurse in progress, with about six months left in my associate's program. During clinicals, I would love to have an all-encompassing PDA software bundle. There is one that includes Taber's Dictionary, Davis's Drug Guide, and two additional programs (cover labs and diseases). I have found several referrences to the software. Does anyone know if it will work for a PocketPC? I am not too familiar with my new toy (PPC 6700) and do not know what works. Hopefully I can learn how to navigate it before too long!!!
  8. by   semi-fly

    Visit skyscape.com, they offer software for both PPC and Palm based units. From the requirements it looks as if your Sprint PCS Vision (PPC-6700) should work with this software.
  9. by   mrsalby
    I bought my Palm Lifedrive from Dell. I have the skyscape nursing packages with some of the add-ons and even have epocrates (Got it on a labor day special at 40% off). I love them both but find I use skyscape more (Davis, Tabers etc). But I do like epocrates for the drug interactions you can look up. All one has to do is highlight the meds the patient is on and epocrates will give any interaction info. Which is handy to look up fast when needed (or not). For example, I quickly looked up some meds a patient was on that was coding and found he was having a medication interaction that would have taking longer if we had to have hit the books. (I am a nursing student and work as an extern, so at the time my participation was limited to what I could do and ended up this helped). Also one can write his or her own notes under each drug too, which makes it nice to remember things.

    As for the PDA. I liked the lifedrive because it has 4 GB (4000 mb) of memory and I have downloaded the Skyscape package plus 4 add on books, epocrates, my calender, I even messed up and transferred over 700 emails into the email program by accident. I even have my classes recorded on the drive and I still have 3758.3 MB of free memory left! There is a lot for memory cards but I don't have to use them. I also have some papers and powerpoint saved on its drive for class.

    The voice recorder picks up nice in my lectures and I listen to them on my computer when I get home although you can play them on the lifedrive or use head phones. You can record a ton of lectures on the drive at 999.99 minutes a piece. I don't even know how many.

    The cons---- I have had trouble initially with having to do a soft reset on my unit several times in the first month I had it. But I was adding and downloading a lot. Now that I am just using it more than adding a bunch of stuff, it cranks right along. Even with the soft reset it was quick and easy and I didn't lose any info or anything. One can perform the soft reset anywhere and doesn't require being linked to a computer. The lifedrive diesn't respond to your cue and is stuck...you need to reset. Another thing about the lifedrive I liked. The battery can run down and I won't lose all my info. My other PDA I had, if I forgot to plug it in before the batteries quit, I would have to reload all my reference material again.

    The lifedrive may be a just a bit larger and heavier than some of the others. I find I like it. It isn't cumbersome and I like the reassurance the weight gives me because I can feel it in my pocket. I don't really notice the weight anymore as at moments I may be thinking "oh my gosh where is my PDA...oh ok it's in my pocket-I can feel it." My fear is to lose it cause we all know PDA's aren't cheap or is the software.
    I also have a hard aluminum case I ordered from England that makes it a bit heavier so that may be why it seems heavier. I like the case though because the door opens up and folds all the way around the back for a single footprint. This makes it nice to hold in one hand and feel secure.

    There are so many things that can be done with it. Oh, it has bluetooth, wifi etc too.

    Sorry this is so long, I hope this helps.

  10. by   midcom
    Thanks mrsalby for the LifeDrive info. I bought mine a few months ago & purchased a bunch of software from Skyscape & haven't even started classes yet. I was wondering about how much could be recorded. I'll have to give that a try. I was also impressed by how much could be installed on the hard drive. I figured it was about full but have actually only made a small dent & I have lots of music & photos loaded in addition to the nursing programs.
    Speaking of dents, is the case you bought the one that Palm makes? I though it was pretty nice but the price (around $50) scared me away.
  11. by   ccrn2b
    Thanx guys! I was able to buy a dell axim X51v from dell ($405) and is still trying to figure out how to use it and how to download the programs..lol..
  12. by   tddowney
    Quote from meandmythree
    Thanx guys! I was able to buy a dell axim X51v from dell ($405) and is still trying to figure out how to use it and how to download the programs..lol..
    I have a Dell Axim X51. Got it in August prior to classes starting.

    If you haven't purchased software yet, I suggest you give the free trial versions a try before buying.

    I ended up getting PEPID's RN student package with a twelve month subscription. Has drugs, labs, etc. I tried it for 30 days and liked it a lot.

    I also tried Skyscape, and found it to be probably just as good, and it was a matter of which fit my eye better.
  13. by   one2one
    Check out www.pdas4nurses.com. This is where I bought mine and I love it.
  14. by   luv2shopp85
    If you bought your pda from dell then you have a dell aximx51v.. you don't have a lifedrive or a palm.