Good Anti-virus program? Cyberdefender or PC Tools?

  1. So I use my computer and my BlackBerry for everything these days (I know who doesn't?? Right?). I keep my Blackberry synched up to my computer and well, I got a few viruses on my computer in the last month even though I had AVG & Norton both installed on my computer. So now I'm looking at buying an anti-viris program. I can't take the chance of losing everything whether it's on my computer or my Blackberry, as I'm pretty sure the virus would spread to my Blackberry. Based on my current experience with these free ones, I'm thinking I want to buy this one. So I looked at a few like Cyberdefender and PC Tools.

    So CYberdefender seems to be more complete package with the coverage of anti-virus, spyware, ID theft protection and even trojans. Although, PC Tools did have a nice user interface. SO I know Cyberdefender is a NASDAQ public company, but is it a good anti-virus program?

    Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   CraigB-RN
    Ok so this is going to be a good news bad news kind of post.

    1. The good news. Your blackberry doesn't use the same operating system so it can't catch the virus from your PC. Now that isn't to say that someone won't write a virus that can attack a blackberry.

    2. The bad news. No ant-virus is 100% perfect. It's the nature of the beast and your surfing habits. People are constantly writing new viruses and web surfers are constantly opening files they shouldn't etc.

    Now you need to be a bit more specific. Was it a virus or a web based malware? There is a difference. Plus you need to make sure that you run updates frequently. The programs are all good. I have AVG running all the time on mine, It is the least intrusive and have Norton to run if there are problems.

    Now if your worried about loosing files, you need to be asking about backups and not anti-virus. There are plenty of non virus related problems out there. And if you have a good back up system, you won't loose much, possibly not even much time.