For Nursing Students: iPad or iPhone or iPod Touch ?

  1. Sorry in advance if this question has already been addressed, I am in a hurry positing right now and had no time to do a search ...

    I'm not a nursing student (yet! Hopefully next summer) ... but I wanted to know whether an iPad or an iPhone or an iPod Touch would be the best option to have as a nursing student. I'm just shopping ahead. I currently have Verizon Wireless and am unwilling to switch to AT&T just to get an iPhone, but I hear rumors (once again, perhaps confirmed, not sure) that VZW is getting the iPhone during the first quarter 2011. I would hate to have a smartphone (have an HTC Incredible right now) and an iPad or iPod Touch so if I do get either of those I would switch to a basic phone with slide out keyboard.

    But I was wondering if an iPad might have more functionality in terms of reading textbooks, etc. Any and all feedback welcome, thanks!

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  3. by   Coriander

    We were required to have the iTouch for the clinical settings as it doesn't have a camera. Phones are not allowed on the floors.

    A friend of mine has the iPad (he's not in nursing) and he liked it a lot for reading things. A lot of nursing friends have the iPhone and they seem to like it a lot as well. I know I'll be upgrading to a smartphone soon just so I can keep track of all the connections I've made in nursing school.

    I wish you the best in your search. You might want to check with your school to see if they require a certain type of device.
  4. by   ShantheRN
    There's tons of threads about this so I'll let you search.....but keep in mind, an iPad doesn't fit in a pocket Personally I have an iTouch and a Blackberry. I use the iTouch the most because iTunes has some pretty cool nursing apps. None of my clinical sites had policies regarding camera phones.
  5. by   PacoUSA
    Thanks for your feedbacks, Coriander and Shanfuturenurse. I'm not quite the Apple fan, but I realize that a LOT of apps and things out there seem to become iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch compliant way before Android gets them, and that has been annoying me. I don't know yet where I will be attending school, so don't know yet which one would be most appropriate. Since the iPhone and Touch do have cameras I would have to assume that they would be less appropriate than an iPad on the floors, so I am more inclined to do the iPad, particularly if it fits better in one of those folders one can carry around like a binder. Still thinking about it.
  6. by   RN9742
    I have really been considering getting an iPad personally. I will likely not be able to use it in clinical settings, however I think it would be a valuable tool for a lot of other reasons. I know in my school we have a lot of ebooks, which are nice but lugging around my laptop everywhere is not always practical. I know the nursing apps will be useful to me even outside of actual clinical settings. I have a few friends who work as nurses in some of the big hospitals in my area, and lots of people are starting to use them day to day, so it may be an investment as well for the future.
  7. by   SierraMoon
    My touch doesn't have a camera. I think it's a gen 2. I like being able to carry it with me, since we don't have a secure area at clinicals for our stuff.
  8. by   tokyoROSE
    I would only get it if your program requires it.

    I have some apps on my Android phone, but I never use it.
    My clinical sites do not allow electronics on the floor (charting is computerized, and the system has everything you'd want on there).
  9. by   iPink
    My iPhone works for me. It saved me the money from getting an iPod. If I had an iPad, it would never see the light of day in clinical. For my program, iPhones, iPod Touch, and Androids are compatible with the app we need to download. Check with your program when that day comes.
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  10. by   Silverdragon102
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    A lot will depend on what your school allows.

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