E2 screen

  1. Hello
    To celebrate my first completed 1/2 semester of nursing school (bub-i pharm and funnies) I thought i'd purchase a PDA. They seem very practical for clinicals (in 2weeks).

    I'm curious about the E2's screen size...
    The bottom portion of the screen has a grey window with 4 icons in it. Can this section be minimized? I havn't seen any display units at the stores; so it's hard to visualize the actual size of the screen.

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  3. by   JMurse89
    No, it is the permanent display. However, the Palm TX has the minimizable(?) typing screen. That's what I have, and I love it. Huge display when keyboard is hidden

  4. by   KckStrt
    I love my TX. I have Davis Drug guide which I bought thorugh SkyScape. They are the greatest!