1. I went to my orientation yesterday and one of our instructors recommended some type of smart device such as: phone, ipod or ipad. I prefer the phone just so I can access the internet when I want. I am still debating (this has been going on for a few months lol!!) between the droid and iphone. For those with a droid through verizon, which do you prefer since they have a few?
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  3. by   Robublind
    Personally I don't think you can go wrong with either one. Both have the APPs you need for nursing. If you have an investment in iTune music go with the Iphone but if not go with the phone with the features you want. I have an Iphone but the bigger screens on some of the droid phone make me consider moving over.
  4. by   serein
    iphone! I absolutely love them! They're so simple to use and yet you can do everything on them! It definitely helped me out during school and I'm sure it'll be a great help when I'm out on the floor.