Does this exist? -- Interactive Assessment software for PDA

  1. Okay, I'll try to make this quick. Either I conceived this idea myself and I can become rich, or (and preferably) someone else already has.

    For the clinical setting
    , I'm wanting to find PDA software that lets you enter data for a head-to-toe assessment (plus admitting Dx, optional lab values, and diagnostics) and upon submission, it guides you into a more focused assessment which helps you to ask THE RIGHT QUESTIONS! (and/or inspect the something closer)

    Here's my boggle: I'm not Stephen Hawking.

    • I don't use 38% or more of my brain, so I don't have photographic memory, nor can I remember to check EVERY conceivable little thing that they have you learn in nursing school.
    • I cannot create a temporal vortex inside the patient's room. In other words, I can't slow down time outside of the patient's room so that I can take my time checking EVERY conceivable little thing that they have you learn in nursing school.

    Look, we're not here to impress anyone, right? Patient advocacy should come first. Get it right the FIRST TIME. If more patients' lives could be saved by data collected in the initial assessment, who cares whether or not you're getting credit for being a savant? Who cares how much of a critical thinker you are enough to know when to ask a pertinent question like "have you ever had 'infection-x'?" All that matters is that the right question was asked (or that a particular body part was inspected).

    So, if the technology is out there, why not use it?

    As a student, I am increasingly paranoid of my thoroughness to properly assess patients, especially with only 4 months until I graduate. Isn't it practical for a newbie like me to rely on this technology, at least in the beginning, until it becomes second nature?

    For those of you seasoned nurses in a clinical setting, is this at all a problem for you? Or am I just sweating this too much? Is it second nature for you to ask the right questions by now? If so, do you think that such technology would be beneficial for a new nurse in becoming efficient in his/her duties?

    I'd like to hear your ... but I'd like even more to hear if this software exists.

    Thank you,

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