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  1. Does anyone have the Dell Axim X51? I am thinking about buying it but im not sure if I should go with the X51 or X51V? Any advice?
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  3. by   EmmyBP
    I just got the x51V and love it!!! the speed is amazing... I don't have too much software loaded yet.... I am getting the free trial of skyscape constilation to see how that is.... I have only had it about a week so there is not much else i can say about it. If you have any specific questions just ask... you could send me a message if you like. happy shopping either way you go I'm sure you will love dell!
  4. by   silverpilot03
    Quote from Nathalie
    Does anyone have the Dell Axim X51? I am thinking about buying it but im not sure if I should go with the X51 or X51V? Any advice?
    Head on over to and look for info re: deals/discounts. I bought my X51v for $350 w/ free shipping, it can be had for even less if you try harder.
  5. by   Nemhain
    Quote from Nathalie
    Does anyone have the Dell Axim X51? I am thinking about buying it but im not sure if I should go with the X51 or X51V? Any advice?
    The Axim X51v has the fastest processor I've come across and a little more than 300MB (combined) of memory. It's a little pricey, but if you're stuck on Pocket PCs it's a much better deal than the HP iPAQs of the same ilk.

    Most people I know who are in the medical field who are JUST using their PDAs for work seem to not need more than 256MB of memory for a Pocket PC or 128 for a Palm OS; some programs take up almost twice the memory on a Windows OS than on a Palm OS and I don't know why. For example: Davis' Drug Guide takes up 4.2MB of memory on a Palm OS and 8.8MB of memory on a Windows OS... something to think about when comparing memory on different products.
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  6. by   Havin' A Party!
    Our profs at school have obtained a grant to determine the usefulness of PDAs for students. They've chosen the Axim... don't know which model though.
  7. by   Lesli61
    A nice advantage of all the pocket pc's (like the Axim) over the palm is the removeable battery. If the battery goes bad on the palm, you have to send it in for service. With the pocket pc's, you can buy a new battery and pop it in yourself, and don't have to do without your PDA for days or even weeks. I'm not sure what the battery life is on the rechargeables; I guess it depends on how much you use it, and if you have a color screen.
  8. by   Peaches_7399
    I got my axim x51 for under 300 with shipping over at dell. it is the 416 but it is still quick. I have had mine for a moth and just love it! remember dell gives you a 21 day return policy so you could just check it out to see if it for you.
  9. by   mikki58
    Hello- I am new to this site but I think I may like it! I have a Dell Axim 51v- It was on sale when I got it so I got the better one. I really like it a lot and use it alot. My only complaint is it sometimes takes it a few seconds to "wake up" when I first start it. I am a senior in nursing school and it is great for clinicals. I asked a lot of questions about the programs and ended up getting Nursing Central from I like it because it has a drug book, labs, Diseases and a med dictionary. The drug book is not as thorough as some but it works well for me. It was around $140.00 for the bundle. Hope this helped and didn't add to your confusion!

  10. by   HeadRx
    I got my Dell Axim x51v for 270 with shipping on ebay
  11. by   dadty
    I got a Axim x51 and liked it but I found if I did not use it for a day or so that my battery would lose its charge. This happened several times. grant it that it was most likely the battery that was at fault, but when I needed it most it was dead. I returned it to Dell. I had bought it from Dell.
  12. by   DJ Trance AZ
    I, too, have an Axim X51v. I found it extremely useful. I also have bought the med dictionary software for my PPC. It comes in handy; also, you can use it as a notepad.

  13. by   mama_llama
    DJ- have you had any problems with soft starts or any other mentionable problems with your Dell??? I just finished looking at reviews for several different PDAs for several hours....comparing the Palm T3 or T5, Lifedrive and the Dell Axim v51, HP ipaq, etc.
    It is all pretty overwhelming and I don't know what to believe now about each one, the reviews all had some problem or other with each one. Have you heard anything from other users?? Thanks!
  14. by   Peaches_7399
    Mama llama... there is some problem with windows on the pda's .. athat requires you to soft start frequently. After I found out it wouldn't hurt my pda I was wasn't to worried ... the most that did for me was change the kind of case I buy for my pda! That way I have access to the back. seeing that I carry it around the hospital some cases just aren't worth it anyways, the one I got with my axim is a slide in and out type of case and it is most practical. Back to the soft reset.. it doesn't take that long to press the botton... I guess it just depends on what will work best for you ... stop in malls and play with their products. I know Dell is set up in some malls now so you can test theirs. Go to a radio shack .. once you get hands on maybe it will be easier to make your decision!

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