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Does anyone have the Dell Axim X51? I am thinking about buying it but im not sure if I should go with the X51 or X51V? Any advice? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   mama_llama
    Thanks Peaches for the advice. I hadn't thought about the mall or Radio Shack. Great tip.
  2. by   Reno1978
    Can someone post some information on how long the battery life is from the standard battery vs. the upgradable one that's available?

    I've never used a PDA, but I'm considering one after reading this board. The only experience I have with portable devices are laptops, and I'm lucky to get 3-4 hours out of one charged battery. Will the battery on a PDA like this one last through an 8 or 12 hour shift?
  3. by   RNgonewild
    Anyone know anything about the Sprint ppc 6700 as a pda capable of downloading nursing stuff?
  4. by   TOSHA68
    I have one - having some trouble getting neofax on it. Anyone out there that can help me? Or other software subsitutes.....
  5. by   luv2shopp85
    Quote from Nemhain
    The Axim X51v has the fastest processor I've come across and a little more than 300MB (combined) of memory. It's a little pricey, but if you're stuck on Pocket PCs it's a much better deal than the HP iPAQs of the same ilk.

    Most people I know who are in the medical field who are JUST using their PDAs for work seem to not need more than 256MB of memory for a Pocket PC or 128 for a Palm OS; some programs take up almost twice the memory on a Windows OS than on a Palm OS and I don't know why. For example: Davis' Drug Guide takes up 4.2MB of memory on a Palm OS and 8.8MB of memory on a Windows OS... something to think about when comparing memory on different products.
    Can you please tell me what the difference is between a PALM os and a Windows OS? I'm new to this whole PDA/PPC thing and I"m absolutely clueless! Which of the 2 is the Dell X51?
  6. by   luv2shopp85
    I read somewhere that the dell axim 51v is heavy, so its kind of hard to keep in your scrubs pocket. Is this true? I wanted to get an axim 51v and that would be the only thing that stops me from getting one so I wanted to be sure before I bought it. Should I go with an older version thats lighter?
  7. by   Peaches_7399
    I have the x51 and i carried it around the hospital all the time in my pocket .. no big deal. if you are curious to how much they weigh, dell will give you that information. you have 21 days to change your mind with dell if you don't want it .. but don't go beyond that date .. take the plunge it is a good investment and handy to have. plus dell is having a sale this week on pda's and it is a pretty good one!
  8. by   luv2shopp85
    Hmm...What if I would buy the dell axim51v plus some accessories and then return it in 20 days..... and i downloaded some programs onto it. Can I still return it then? What if I buy a program to download onto it and then I sent it back... but later in the summer I buy another dell axim51v, would I still have to pay for the programs again? Or can I just keep them on my computer until I need them again and just put them back onto the 2nd delll axim. Sorry if this doesn't make sense lol

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