Debating Smartphone To Buy

  1. Weighing my options on buying my first Smartphone and best cell phone provider. I want a smartphone that easily handles various nursing apps (which I'm also exploring). Leaning toward Sprint's 4G or Verizon. Request input as to your experiences with smartphones and carriers. Thank you in advance...
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  3. by   Pneumothorax
    i love my iphone 4. it has a translation app that you type in english & it will speak back in the other language (very me)

    you can also get , lexi comp micro medex, labs, and app called "RN Guide" which is great and medcalc which i LOVVVEEEE!
  4. by   doink
    It seems like itunes have the largest and best apps for nurses since they been there for a while. I myself rather get an android and not a iphone where the bills can be easily 80-100 bucks a month. My sprint bill is only 29 bucks a month and rather keep it that way.

    So I went ahead and got myself a ipod touch since 1) its everything that iphone can do minus phone calls 2) hospitals have free wifi and 3) no reoccuring fees. Get it jailbreaked and you can find nursing apps if you know where to look.
  5. by   Freedom42
    And "jailbreaked" means? I'm contemplating buying the touch.
  6. by   Alvindudley
    I don't even have to read the other responses. If you have att&t get a samsung captivate . beats the hell out of the iphone--read the reviews. totally rocks, I do a ton of private duty and it has all kinds of games, I have epocrates on it for reference--it's an android phone so there's tons of apps, it goes on and off wifi seamlessly, I love the swype keyboard that iphones do NOT have so tapping the keybard is a thing of the past. NO IPHONES.
  7. by   barleynhopsBSN
    If you go with Verizon just be aware that they are starting to offer a 4G (LTE) network. It costs more per month but it is supposed to be pretty fast if that is important to you. Not all 4G is the same. Sprints 4G is slower then Verizon's LTE. Also, if you like the Iphone, it will be offered through Verizon soon though probably not for the LTE network. Verizon has a large reliable network. There are some fancy new LTE phones coming out through verizon such as the Motorola Bionic. Look and see what is available where you live.
    I've got a Droid X through Verizon with Skyscape Constellation on it for my nursing apps and it works great. The Android operating system is awesome!
  8. by   stdntograd06
    I have the Samsung Captivate and love it!!!!! Am looking for nursing apps for on it though. I'd like to get the Skyscape back, is that possible on the captivate?
  9. by   caliotter3
    I just wanted to warn you about Sprint's billing practices. I used them for my internet card and they nickled and dimed me without the quality of service long enough that I finally dumped them. I also had problems with Verizon concerning billing and won't use them anymore. So far, so good, for T-Mobile with billing and customer service, although I don't think they match for products and quality of the network.
  10. by   CT Pixie
    and now you can have an iphone without being with AT&T. Verizon just announced that in Feb 2011, the iphone will be available. Of course, I just bought a Droid because my carrier (Verizon) didn't have the iphone and I didn't want to go to AT&T. Murphy's Law with me. But I have to say I love my Droid..HTC Incredible for me.
  11. by   caliotter3
    I just got a Samsung Gravity Tab with T Mobile. I love it. Unfortunately, the United States carriers refuse to allow their Tabs to have a phone function, but I love it for everything else. Haven't really looked into nursing apps because I really don't have a need for them enough to pay for anything yet.
  12. by   EHardman
    Droid X is the way I would go. Has power, all the apps the others has. I love it alot.

  13. by   barleynhopsBSN
    @ stdtograd06
    Yes you can get Skyscape on it. If you already have Skyscape on another platform such as a PDA or an itouch just contact Skyscape and they will switch it to Droid for charge.
  14. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    I like the Droid 2 Global. It has more memory

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