Davis's compatible for Aussie nurse?

  1. Hey! I have a question, would the Davis's drug guide be any good for an Aussie nurse? I think the program is American, and there are some drug differences, for example, you guys have acetaminophen we call the same thing paracetamol....

    I cant find any other decent Drug programs in Australia, however the price for the Davis's comes up in AUD, so it must be regularly sold to Australians? The Australian Medicines Handbook is more then double the price, hence my looking into other options, as much as i like the AMH i already have the book edition.

    Would somebody pretty please type in paracetamol and see what comes up for me? Thanks so much, thanks for your time!!!
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  3. by   AdelaideChic
    Same thing for Epocrates - is that appropriate for an Aussie nurse? Thanks guys!!!
  4. by   gwenith
    We tend to use a lot of American texts so a program will not be that different. Just watch out for differences in scope of practice as well i,e,. We no longer mix insulin here at all
  5. by   midcom
    I just checked & it is listed.
    I'm glad I opened this posting. When I checked my PDA, for some reason my Davis Drug Guide was no longer installed. I suspect that I accidently deleted it recently when I was cleaning out some junk. Skyscape is great to deal with. I just went back to their website, downloaded it again & put in the serial number that they have in my account. It's working great now.
  6. by   AdelaideChic
    Thanks heaps for that!!!
    Glad u got it sorted Dixie. Im looking at a few diff drug guides, but im really grateful to know!! You prefer Davis's then? Have you compared it to eprocrates (?sp)?
  7. by   midcom
    You asked abuot Epocrates while I was looking up in Davis. I don't have Epocrates installed. I got Davis first & just stuck with it. I do like Davis though.

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