Citing PDA software? How? Can you?

  1. Color me confused. Did some quick searching and wasn't coming across any sort of rule or precedent.

    Would be very useful in writing up weekly pt pathophysiologies and care plans. Also we have to write up drug and med information. Basically it would suck to have to sift through books to find that info again. What was the purpose of even getting the PDA then? Sorry for the rant.

    Any help?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I just got out of school in May 06 and this was a question I asked too: I used

    Epocrates. (2006). Retrieved from (and then I listed the URL that I downloaded the program from).

    Hope this helps as my teacher could give me no site to obtain a source like this.
  4. by   midcom
    There's another post about this a few pages back. Esentailly we were told to do it this way. Quoted from
    Referencing computer software:
    Doenges, M., Moorhouse, M., & Geissler-Murr, A. (2003). Body image: Definition. Nurse's pocket guide: Diagnosis, interventions, and rationales (8th ed.). [PDA Software]. Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis Company.
    - For many people, retrieving information from electronic sources such as PDAs and online software packages has increased significantly. Remember to identify the type of software in brackets after the name of the software program.
  5. by   jamst149
    Awesome! Thanks people!