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Has anyone purchased this phone? The big draw for me is the wifi, If treo would finally add wifi to a product I would stick with my Treo 650.. ' Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   grapegirlplum
    Quote from dria
    i have one....and i cannot live without it.
    if you have specific questions, feel free to send a message...
    now if they could just figure out how to make these suckers do laundry....
    i have the cinuglar/att 8125, and i need help downloading epocrates
    on my phone. would u help me out??!!
  2. by   joyfulgal
    How does WiFi on a device actually work? I am not a tech person, as you can tell, but do you have to buy a service in order to use it in a hot spot. If you do not have a service specific for internet access, is is possible to connect at a hot spot? I am looking at several devices and just want to be clear with its overall use! Help...