Can you help?? PDA, which one?? THANKS!

  1. Hi everyone! Yup... LONG TIME no post for me on here. I started RN school about two weeks ago and have been hummin' away with tons of homework. In fact, I have one test tomorrow, one Thurs. and one Friday! I will be glad when Friday afternoon gets here!!!

    I wanted to ask you all... I am buying a PDA this weekend to store all the info. they want use to write on a gazillion note cards. I figure it will be MUCH EASIER to have the PDA with all the info. right there. I can carry it in my pocket and zip to the info. I need in a matter of moments versus flipping through 200 note cards. I am looking to buy a PDA (not too expensive with medical info. I can put on it... Lab values (K, Na for example with Nursing implications and so forth and drug info... Tenormin.. beta blocker, uses for, contraindications and so forth). What do you all recommend?? I have heard about these PDA's and this medical info. you can buy to go with it, but I am a newby here. Right now I am looking to get lab values and drug info. You all have been VERY HELPFUL in other areas I have asked about before so I am asking away on this too!! Thank you in advance for your help! Best regards, E
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I just bought an HP iPAQ and love it. I type my notes on it during lecture, I downloaded a drug reference, it can record lectures, it reminds me of homework and other things I must get done etc. Well worth the money.

    The PDAs do not come with medical texts on them you can go to skyscape and other web sites and download them for a cost. I downloaded my drug book. Just buy one with adequate memory to hold references, although you can expand with memory cards.

    I bought mine at Circuit City, it was 399.00 but it had a 75.00 rebate, not sure if it still does.

    Good luck.

  4. by   Epona
    Thank you very much swtooth!! Yup.. that was helpful!!!
  5. by   mixyRN
    I have a Dell Axim x51v and I love it! I did my research and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I can do just about anything I want with it including recording lectures! It is a bit pricey at $344 on sale but worth every penny IMO.
  6. by   Faeriewand
    I am dying to hear what everyone thinks is the best handheld. I too want one and am looking around. Keep answering everyone!
  7. by   Epona
    Thanks everyone. Hey.. I have run into a problem. It looks as though these PDA's are only compatible with Microsoft 2000 Professional and XP. My computer uses Microsoft Windows 2000 only. NOT Professional. This will be a compatibility problem for me. Anyone recommend a PDA that I can use with my computer operating system??

    THANKS!!!!! E
  8. by   dani_girl
    I have a Palm T/X and really like it.. I got it on Ebay for 200 bucks and it came with a 512 MB card.. and warranty.. I have Windows XP and it isn't a problem infact you can also use it for MAC systems.. You might want to look on ebay or online... they can tell you the cheapest place to go.. just beware.. I got sucked in to playing w/ mine for hours! you will need a good free weekend to learn all the ins and outs of the thing. And if you want free systems Epocrates is a free drug one that is good.. for extra stuff on it it is more.. I have the free verison and love it.. you can hit a ton of different meds and it will check for compatibility. Also Diagnosaurus is a good diagnosis site. I am buying the Skycape set for nurses next week.. I will let you know how that is. good luck
  9. by   henayneiCLNC
    I'm also in the market for a PDA that is reliable and can carry the memory and use that a nurse in the field needs I'm very interested in your experience and recommendations!
  10. by   tofutti
    Most nurses seem to have the Palm Tungsten E2, the Palm TX, the Palm Lifedrive which is being discontinued, the IPAQ or the Dell. There are more, but I ruled out any that had a phone or camera in case those were not going to be allowed in my nursing school program.

    Seems like everyone is happy with what they got. So, it's your call.

    I got the Palm TX because it was $225, vs. a lot more for an IPAQ or Dell. The Palm Tungsten E2 is only $150 right now at Circuit City and would be completely adequate, I just got the TX for Wifi access when we go on vacation.

    If you just google pda, you'll find more advice than you know what to do with. Or go to, search for pda, and then read the consumer reviews on all of them. Also has reviews.

    I found it difficult to set it up and to download the Skyscape constellation. But I prayed my way through it and got'r done. I don't think you will regret getting one! They were highly recommended by the student nurses at my orientation.

    Hope that helps--Tofutti :smilecoffeecup: