Can anyone compare the prentice hall drug guide with the davis drug guide?

  1. In regular book format I have checked out many drug guides & prentice hall has always been my favorite. It's also the one my school recommends (I've been an LVN for 6 years & am about to start my last semester of the RN program). I just got a PDA & am debating on which drug guide to get. I already have the free epocrates, but it seems rather brief on explaining the pathophys of how the drug works, which my school is really big on, I want to get the prentice hall one, but then I see everyone on here raving about the Davis one. Can anyone compare the two for me?
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  3. by   calypte
    *bump* I'd love to see opinions as well!
  4. by   Seagate
    this forum is pretty much dead, does anyone have any info on this?

    Or maybe have a coupon for the software?
  5. by   calypte
    I ended up purchasing the Davis drug guide for iphone... turns out prentice hall wasn't even offered for that platform, so the choice was obvious. I used skyscape to purchase and download.

    So far so good, I used it in the first few hours on the floor today... one of the nurses walking by commented on what a good idea it was and that I'll no doubt find it useful!
  6. by   RnBound0510
    I know you already have your APP but Davis's drug guide is the best for me-HANDS DOWN!! It has the nursing process for each drug...awesome!