Best laptop for nursing school?

  1. What is the best laptop for nursing school?.
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  3. by   florencebitingale
    I have an ASUS laptop that's been fine. If you're going to take notes and record lectures in class, a laptop with a good battery life is important! Unless your school has outlets in the classroom - a good thing to ask about! I have never needed any special programs or capabilities with my computer - just internet and Microsoft Office. People in my class have a huge variety, a couple people don't have laptops and use the school computer and print stuff out when they need to. Up to you. A lot of people have those super tiny computers which I think is nice just for toting around. My laptop is huge, which is ALSO nice for having multiple screens open and multitasking. Again - up to you! Find a good deal, cut costs wherever you can
  4. by   MikeyT-c-IV
    If you only need a laptop for writing papers, taking notes, and surfing the web then a bottom of the line cheapo computer would probably be fine. Think of how the laptop will be used over the next several years and go from there. I used the cheapest computer all the way through my BSN. Go shopping and see what's available and within your budget. Check out amazon and read some specs and reviews.

    Now, if budget isn't an issue go for the big boys! I purchased a new laptop about the time I started working on my MSN. I bought every bit of computer that I could afford. It has the OS on a SSD and the startup time is amazing as is the CPU, GPU, and RAM. The screen is quite large as far as laptops go which I appreciate for multitasking. I LOVE IT!