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I was just wondering if any of you use Palm Pilots, Handspring Visors, or the like. I have a Visor, which I use for much of my class work, grades, schedules, but I also have an ABG decoder,... Read More

  1. by   snanan
    Yes, I have a Sony Clie PEG-NZ90. The brand doesn't matter as long as you have plenty of memory. You can always add memory with a card.

    If you are in the market for a PDA, make sure the battery can be replaced without sending it back to the mfg. You do not want to be without your PDA, and it could take weeks to get it back.

    The two programs which I use are Epocrates Pro and Davis Drug Guide. I would not be without these, awsome programs.
  2. by   KnarfKS
    I have a Dell axim x30, it works great, it is fairly top of the line, but still at a reasonable price(Dell is by far the cheapest pocket PC). You of course can get a lower quality one that will work just fine for most people. My only suggestion is to get a large storage card. The programs for nursing take quite a bit of memory. Get at least a 256 MB flash or SD card (whichever your PDA takes).

    I also use a combination program from that includes davis drug guide, lab programs etc. I also added a IV drug book. I sold my books that I could put on my PDA and vowed to never buy another one if I could help it. I love having it on my side and not having tons of books to lug around.

    All in all my set up with a top of the line PDA, a gigabyte SD card, an aluminum carrying case and all the programs cost me $500, but it can easily be done for $300 or less and accomplish what most people want to do.

    A great cheap Palm is a zire 31, costs about $150 and does everything you could want if you add an additional storage card.
  3. by   Jessy_RN
    I use mine for school and work.

    Treo 600 from Palmone (Sprint) handheld smartphone.
  4. by   Marvie
    Quote from KC CHICK
    Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have them in the OR.
    Hmmmm, thats interesting. I work in the OR and regularly use a palm especially when asked by anesthesia for drugs. Also if Dr. asks about the pt's lab work and even some off the cuff questions. There are even programs specifically made for surgery which has been soooo helpful. I love mine.
  5. by   soontobe_RN
    I voted that no, I do not have one but would like to use it in practice. The thing is, at the college I attend we are not allowed to use anything like that. Heck, they don't even let use use our own calculators, we have to use the ones the instructors give us. I can understand for exams, but it doesn't make sense why they won't let us for anything else.
  6. by   barbiedee
    I just started using one at work. Its a great tool. I have a Tungsten and just love it. I have Taber's, NDH (Nursing Drug Handbook), RN Fastfacts, RN Assess, just to name a few programs I have put on it. I especially like the NDH, a big time saver for looking up drugs. I also use it for my school work, notes, etc. As I have no personal life (work and school, what more can you say?), I don't use my Palm for personal stuff at the moment. A few addresses, and that's about it. But I find it a real asset at work, and will use it multiple times a day. Best buy I've made in a long time!
  7. by   Nathalie
    did you have to get an extra memory stick? cuz 64mb doesnt sound like alot of memory for all those programs. Thanks
  8. by   barbiedee
    Actually, my Tungsten only has 32mb memory, and with those four programs I have used less than half of the available memory. (NDH, RNFastfacts, RNAssess and Tabers) I have been looking to buy additional memory, but for fun purposes, not school/work! Tabers is the biggest file at just over 6500K, the others are between 2000 and 4000K. I also do not have a portable keyboard, as I find I can print using the Grafitti style pretty quickly. The memory and keyboard are two extras I hope to get some day, but for now, this is just fine!
  9. by   luv2shopp85
    Can someone please inform me what hte difference is between a PDA, palm, pocket, and Pocket PC? Im soo confused
  10. by   dmp135
    I recently purchased a PalmTX and after experimentation with several apps and suites, I settled on Unbound Medicine's Nursing Central. I recently returned to nursing and thus far I use it at work to calculate and to look up disorders. I hope as I add more items I will find it more helpful. But I like it for email and the web and a few other apps so either way I feel it was a good buy.