any feedback on the Palm Tungsten E2??

  1. I am looking to buy a PDA and see that the Palm Tungsten E2 is on sale tomorrow at Best Buy for $149.99...any feedback on this product or the price??
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  3. by   CMColumbus
    I have one of these and I love it. That's a decent sale price. It's what I bought mine for.
  4. by   KungFuFtr
    I practically sleep with it under my pillow! Make sure you buy a memory card too. That way, if your palm needs to be serviced; all your programs are on your card. Make sure you don't buy Palm's metal case. The latches are highly defective.
  5. by   annelvn2004
    I use the Palm Tungsten on a daily basis. It is a compact reference source. And when I use it, it impresses adminstration and higher ups
  6. by   David's Harp
    Ditto the votes of approval & SD card recommendations. Get an SD card that's no greater than 1 gig - it's the biggest one the E2 can support. Format it to the FAT system when you get it, and you're off and running.

    It runs the Skyscape stuff well, and has a cheap-but-useable MP3 player, in addition to the standard PDA stuff. I'm way too dependent on mine, as a result!