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Hi guys! I was wondering how you access this website. Anyone use mobile device, iPhone, Blackberry etc to view this website? I really enjoy this forum. It's great to talk to other students/nurses.... Read More

  1. by   Brian
    I'm always using my iphone to access We don't have an app for allnurses yet, but the web interface with android or iphone work pretty well.

    Here is a video tutorial for using the iphone along with tips on making an icon for

    iphone nursing tutorial video - Nursing for Nurses

    I hope that helps.
  2. by   Chris NS
    i use the desktop for now
  3. by   blaqpearl
    I wonder if this board is compatible with Tapatalk. I love it for some of my other forums I frequent.
  4. by   collegegirl209
    There's no problem accessing the site on any phone that has Internet, but the problem is that they haven't made a "mobile-friendly" version yet. When they do, it will be easier to navigate, won't have to enlarge the page on the phone to read text, etc. Mobile version (not necessarily app) is MUCH needed.
  5. by   TerpGal02
    I am actually on my phone right now! I have a Droid and access the site through my phone's browser.
  6. by   vcoronel127
    I would have to agree..I too also enjoy this website. We really need a mobile app to navigate faster.

    I just saved a bookmark icon on my iphone 4 for quick access
  7. by   traumaRUs
    Hang in there everyone - Brian hopes to have an app out in a little while!

    Staff can't wait either - lol.
  8. by   hhrnohio
    Any update about mobile version or app?

    On iPhone now and now problems just would love to have mobile web format or even an app!

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