A BIG thumbs up to the Palm Treo 680...

  1. I used to carry a calendar, an MP3 player for working out and my phone. I LOVE having it all in one place. I listen to podcasts while working out and on my way to work, can color code all of my obligations so I can tell at a glance what is going on for the month (work is RED, my daughters activities and appointments are pink,etc.etc.). I love having Epocrates,etc.

    If anyone wants to toss in all of their equipment and have it all on ONE device, I highly recommend it.
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  3. by   justwannabanurse
    I just purchased a palm treo how do you add color to your activities? Also, when I activated the treo my cell phone provider wanted me to add a data package for an extra $50/ a month. I don't use the internet much, but do I need the internet to access the nursing apps that I need for school?

    Thanks in advance!