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All MN RNs... I would like to know where you work and if you it there! I've only worked in one hospital in MN and feeling unappreciated. please state what unit you work in & hospital! Thanks much!

You talkin' Minnesota or Masters in Nursing?

If Minnesota, go to the top of this page, see the big yellow bar, click on US and then the state name. And don't expect to get specifics about individual units and hospitals from posters, although some might ---might-- be willing to PM you.

If Masters in Nursing ... I worked bedside for some time after I got mine, but then transitioned to something that was completely different (cue the Monty Python theme), a nifty challenge to learn, and easier on my back. That led to lots of other nifty opportunities. I'm never bored, I still learn new stuff all the time, and I have my own business in nursing.

It is never a good idea to name the facility that you work. And it is against the TOS of AN.

However, if you are feeling underappreciated and are looking for a change, perhaps relocation, then do some research. See what parts of nursing you love, and look for jobs that match that. A number of facilities have wesites that have job listings.