When does Maryville notify applicants

  1. I hoping to start Maryvilles WEC BSN program this fall. However I am wondering when they notify applicants of admission decisions. Has anyone had any experience with this? Has anyone had any recent experiences with the WEC program?
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  3. by   michelleh913
    Just for anyone interested I received my notification in the third week of February, and many others received theirs the next week.
  4. by   treeeee
    Anxiously awaiting for mine now for Fall '14 - thanks for coming back to update with a timeline!
  5. by   nwayne1012
    I'm awaiting a decision for fall '14 as well... I'm SO anxious.
  6. by   ant2cory
    I'm also waiting for Fall '14 decision!!! Has anyone gotten their letter yet!!! OP- is there anything you can tell us about the program you wish you would have known before starting???
  7. by   michelleh913
    I chose a different program. I had my pre-req's completed but I had not completed Maryville's 20 credit hour residency requirement. So I would have needed to take extra courses to enroll. So I am not familiar with their program.