St. Lukes Bsn/part Bsn Program

  1. Is anyone attending St. Lukes College of nursing and can share an insight into their program?
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  3. by   jhawkgirl
    I graduated from's an excellent program!
  4. by   walkingonsunshine
    Is anyone able to be more specific? I did not know they had a part time program.
  5. by   SA2BDOCTOR
    Yes. St. Lukes do have a part-time BSN program. Check their website out.
  6. by   katie_jean_bean
    I am interested in there program as well. I am taking my pre-reqs now. If anyone could give details about this program it would be most helpful. I have looked at their web site but I am also interested in poeple's personal experiences there. Thanks so much!!!
  7. by   SA2BDOCTOR
    I dont have any experiences yet. I applied and am I awaiting a response for admission. I heard that it is an excellent school.

    I got accepted into Research College of Nursing for next August. However, if I can attend a BSN program part-time and take my time, that will be great. Because I can still work and all that.

    So I am hoping that I get admitted into St. Lukes.