St. Johns Mercy Medical Center

  1. I am new grad nurse and new to the St.Louis area. I have been on several times for advice but never posted anything. I would like to thank everyone on here for all of the post and hopefully I will contribute some useful information soon. I am interested in applying to the St. Johns fellowship program. I would like to apply to their critical care fellowship but I really want to know more about the hospital. Also, I noticed that they have been unionized several times, strikes ect. Does that continue to occur now? Has anyone applied to this fellowship before? How was your experience? Did you feel you received proper orientation? Which fellowship did you apply to?
    I have also applied to barnes-jewish hospital and have an interiew on Monday!!! YAY So I will update you all on how that goes?? Finger Crossed
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    Hi newexcitednurse,

    I am curious as to whether or not you ever found anything out regarding the Mercy fellowship program. I am looking there as well and would like to get some information on a contact for the program (name, title, email). Thanks. BTW...did you maybe get the Barnes position??